Suggestions to Spend the National Day Holiday (1st -7th October)|

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1st October is the National day in China. It was  designated to memorize the foundation of People’s Republic of China  (since 1949). All Chinese will have a 7-day holiday to celebrate this  important date. It is one of the two long holidays for most Chinese  employees. The other is Chinese Spring Festival when most Chinese need to go back home and get together with their family. So National Day Holiday  is the peak time for many Chinese to travel around. Let’s see some  pictures. It was taken by journalists during the National Day holiday in  some famous resorts during National Day.


Try  your best to avoid travelling during this period as hotels, restaurants  and railway stations are so crowded. You may need to stand in queue for  about 1 hour to enter the resort or having meals. Traffic is busy! As  you will have winter holiday and summer holiday, you will have much time  to travel around in China. Need not be so hurry.

If you do wish to take the challenge and see the scene, schedule well and make full preparation. Notice following points.

1)       Book hotel and tickets in advance. (You can book here )

2)       Choose some resorts that are less popular.

3)       Prepare some instant food in case you can’t find a restaurant available while you are hungry.

4)       Prepare some medicine in case you are not fit in the new environment.

5)       Watch out your wallet, passport and other important documents.

6)       If the resorts are very crowded just stand in queue and wait for your turn. Do not push with others to avoid some incidents.


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