5 Hotel Apartments in China with the Most Beautiful Surroundings

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To a hotel Apartment, good decoration will satisfy you inside, while the beautiful surroundings will please your eyes. If the hotel apartment lies among bad surroundings, you may not even want to enter it no matter how beautiful it may be inside.
Hangzhou Xinshijia Hotel Apartment
It is located in the south of picturesque Qiantang River. It is adjacent to the Paradise Silicon Valley core areas which is one of the rapid economic developments in Hangzhou.
Shenzhen Shuiyunjian Hotel Apartment
In the north of the apartment, there are many lush forests, and the blue sea surrounds it in the south. There are also Dameisha Beach Park, Xiaomeisha Beach Park, yacht club, Field Park and Shatoujiao Mingsike aircraft carrier around it.
Beijing International Trade apartment
The apartment is surrounded by many trees covering an area of 300 acres. It likes a huge natural oxygen bar. The large-scale hot spring sun swimming pool will make you enjoy the endless recreation.
Sanya BaiRui Boutique Hotel Apartment
It was designed after considering about the feeling just like home. The hotel is popular at home and abroad. It enjoys the beautiful natural environment. It is adjacent to the beach, and it occupies the beach covering a length of 30 meters.
Guangzhou Meiyijia Hotel Apartment
Under the apartment, there are Carrefour supermarkets, Chinese and western restaurants, banks and the cleaning shops. The large-scale place for activities such as Tianhe city, Tianhe sports center and Guangzhou acquisition centre all nearby it.

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