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It is a great honor if the hotel has been accepted the head of state, which, from another angle, shows the comprehensive quality of the hotel.
It is a great honor if the hotel has been accepted the head of state, which, from another angle, shows the comprehensive quality of the hotel.
Diaoyutai State Hotel
Diaoyutai State Hotel is under the control of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Its beautiful green grass and clear lake in the hotel fascinated many people. Because of this, it got the reputation "First Oriental Museum". The hotel has received more than 1,200 foreign heads of state and government since it built for 49 years.
Many important matters took place at the hotel during the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States. President Reagan visit to China in 1984, President Bush visited China twice from 1985 to 1989; President Nixon visited China in 1972; President Clinton led a large delegation to China in 1998.They all live in the Diaoyutai State Hotel. And then the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher lives in the designated Building 12 each time. Others mainly include:
On June 15, 1961, Chairman Mao met Donesian Indonesian President Sukarno.
On June 14, 1961, president Liushaoqi, premier Zhouenlai and Zhude met Indonesian President Sukarno.
On October 1986, Deng Xiaoping, director of the Central Advisory Commission met with Queen Elizabeth II at the Diaoyutai State Hotel.
On February 17, 2000, Russian President Vladimir Putin lived in the Diaoyutai State Hotel.
On May 15, 2001, the Austria president has become the 800th president lived in the hotel.
On May 30, 2004, the Tanzanian president Benjamin has become the 900th president lived in the hotel.
China World Hotel
During the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, China World Hotel received the heads of state from 25 countries and the members of the royal from 13 countries. As one of five hotels designated by Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, the China World Hotel mainly received the heads of State, the team members of the royal family and their representatives.
From August 8 to 24, China World Hotel received the largest amount of foreign heads of State. The staff of the hotel revealed that the number of foreign heads currently reached over 37.
In Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the list of the heads and royal members who lived in the hotel mainly included:
Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, President of Bulgaria Georgi Parvanov, President of Croatia Stjepan Mesic, the Danish Crown Prince Frederik and his wife Mary Elizabeth, East Timor President Jose Ramos Horta, President of Finland Tarja Kaarina Halonen and Prime Minister Matti Taneli Vanhanen, etc.
Shanghai Jin Jiang Hotel
Shanghai Jin Jiang Hotel is located in the Huaihai Road and Maoming Road which are the heart of the city. It is a well-known five-star garden-style hotel having 80-year-old. Shanghai Jin Jiang Hotel has received more than 500 Heads of State and Government since it has opened, and witnessed numerous important historical events. The small hall was place that the president Maozedong and his colleagues had meetings and also the place where the Sino-US joint-communiqués issued. It has witnessed many major conferences, is the pride of Jinjiang.
Beijing Hotel
Beijing Hotel was the "Olympic family hotels Headquarters" in 2008 29th Beijing Olympic Games. During the Olympic Games, it received a large number of officials of International Olympic Committee, and also received the IOC President and the Secretary-General from 204 countries and regions all over the world. The senior officials such as the international Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge, the international Olympic Committee president Juan Antonio Samaranch who has the honorary for life, and the International Olympic Committee Director-General Mr. Kurt all stayed here. And the international guests such as the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Monaco and United Arab Emirates royal family members also lived here. The International Olympic Committee and Olympic guests highly appreciated the warm, efficient, careful and thoughtful service that the hotel provided.
Huatian Hotel
Changsha Hunan Huatian Hotel which joined both the International Golden Key and the organization of Chinese well-known hotels is a well-known hotel at Hunan province. It ever got the international service industry "Five Star Diamond Award", and successfully received a number of the heads of state and government coming to Changsha. Therefore it accumulated a wealth of reception experiences. The hotel is well-known at home and abroad because of its good brand image "first-class equipment, first-class management, first-class service, first-class reputation" for a long time.
Raffles Beijing Hotel
Raffles Beijing Hotel is the first luxury hotel the Raffles Hotel Group invested in China. The hotel which is a landmark hotel located next to Chang’an Avenue. It ever received numerous Heads of State, government officials and many celebrities. It also the first place where the many important diplomatic and political activities took place in.
Fuzhou lakeside hotel
As a Fujian's most famous international five-star hotel, Fuzhou West Lake Hotel has received a number of Heads of State and a large number of government dignitaries and celebrities from all walks of life and got the honor of the first members of the Chinese Famous Hotel Organization. The scientific and effective management, perfect and advanced facilities and equipment, beautiful and luxury decoration, quick and efficient services lead the hotel become the best choice for the guests traveling in Fujian.
Haitian Hotel Qingdao Co., Ltd.
Haitian Hotel Qingdao Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful coastal city Qingdao, and it is the earliest and the largest five-star hotel in Shandong province. It is also the one of the members of the world's largest hotel organizations. The hotel gave a good impression to nearly 20 heads of state by its rigorous, passionate, safe and high-quality services. The hotel has become the best choice for the foreign heads of state and the officials of national, provincial and municipal government having activities in Qingdao.
West Park Hotel
The West Park Hotel is located in the adjacent of the Yangzhou well-known Slender West Lake Scenic Area and business district. It is the Yangzhou first four-star foreign-related tourism hotel. Its convenient transportation and elegant environment will be your best choice when you are in Yangzhou. The hotel which occupies an area of hundreds mu has received a number of heads of state, including the president Jiang Zemin. It is a modern garden-style tourist hotel.
Hebei Hotel
Hebei Hotel is located in high-grade residential areas of the center of city. It is an international hotel which has a history of nearly four decades. It is the first hotel that received the heads of state and foreign guests at Hebei province. The environment elegant and convenient transportation provides you the best services.

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