How to Book Flight and Train Tickets Online in China


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if you plan to come to China, this aritle maybe your guidance
I Booking flights

A. Official websites & Hotline
Air China
Hotline: 95583

China South Airlines
China Eastern Airlines
Hotline: 95530

Hainan Airlines
Hotline: 950718

Shenzhen Airlines

Shandong Airlines
Hotline:96777(Shandong); 400-60-96777(nationwide)

Xiamen Airlines
Hotline: 95557

Sichuan Airlines:
Other websites

B. Tips on how to buy cheap tickets

1. The earlier the reservation, the more the discount you get. If you book the tickets more than 15 days in advance, you may buy the tickets with 25% or 35% of the original price.
2. The ticket prices in the late evening, early morning and midnight are lower than the day time generally, you can choose these times as your departure time.
3. Avoiding the weekend, ticket price relatively higher than workdays.
4. If you need to book transfer or round ticket and you have bounteous time, you can choose connecting tickets to get more discounts.
5. The price of E-ticket purchase online is lower 5% to 10% than the paper ticket.
6. Chose the bundled discount of ticket and hotel, the price combine the ticket and hotel would certainly cheaper than ticket only.
7. Travelers should call the airline after booking, to confirm the flight, date, name and fares. You can also call the hotline of China Civil Aviation e-ticket 4008158888 or landing to identify the authenticity.
Relevant websites, there is an cooperation between QQ TenPay and South Airlines, basically, the price of the discount tickets would reduce 90% if you pay by TenPay., if you book tickets in advance exceed a month, you can get the discount of 90%, within a month, the discount would be 70% to 80%., this airline belongs to Shanghai, the price of the tickets are fixed between Shanghai and many cities. eg. Flight between Shanghai and     Qingdao or Wuhan and,you can find the time of most cheap tickets or the most cheap tickets in a schedule time.

Note: you’d better conduct online banking; websites above are required pay online generally.

II Booking train ticket

A. Relevant websites

Reservation Hotline: 95105105

B. Matters need attention when you book the train tickets and aboard on
1. The pre-sale period of train ticket is 10-day, passengers can buy the ticket at 8:00 am on the start date of the pre-sale, the pre-sale period of telephone booking and online booking is 12-day,
2.  Passengers can book tickets at 2:00 pm on the start date of the pre-sale period. The pre-sale period of the high-speed train and bullet train tickets are not constant. It depends on the time and district.
3. You’d better exchange the e-ticket to paper ticket after you book the ticket online successfully.
4. "According to the regulations of the Ministry of Railways, you still can get the refund of the ticket in two hours before the train’s departure no later than that.
5. Passport and order number are needed to exchange the e-ticket to paper in the train station if you book the ticket with passport.
6. The staff of 12306 Railway Customer Service Centre said that the seat number of e-ticket is random; you can’t specify the number of the seat or sleeper at present. The order of e-ticket can only be cancelled three times in a day. If you have special requirements about the seat number, you can choose to buy tickets in the station or outlets. You can also to alter the ticket online after you booking the tickets (there is no restriction about the alteration times, you can keep refresh until you get the result you want). Or you can book the tickets online, and then go to the station to alter the seat number.

C. Matters need attention when you take the high-speed rail or the bullet train
1. Stop check tickets in the five minute before the departure
2. You are not allowed to enter into the waiting room without the ticket, you can only enter into there within 1 hour and a half before the departure.3.
3. The maximum amount of the baggage is 20 kg.
4. The space is limited in the train, if the baggage should consign for shipment if it exceed 20 kg.
5. Do not get off the train in the passing stops.
6. The stopping time is short as 1 or 2 minutes, do not get off the train if you don’t get to the destination.
7. No smoking in the train
8. The high-speed train and bullet train are fully enclosed, the smoke will trigger the alarm and lead to device failure even you smoke in the conjunction of the compartment.
9. How to escape in emergency? Each compartment equipped with a window-broken hammer and a escape window in four corners. In case of emergency, passengers can open the sticky cover and the rubber buckle of the hammer, pull out it upward, use it to break the window close the hammer to escape.

Note: Do not pull the door or touch other safety device arbitrarily. Do not stand at the door or place objects at there.

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