Traditional dresses for Yugur women

23,2016 Editor:AT0086| Resource:China Daily

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"Some jewelry on this dress was passed down from my granny and mama. The whole suit weighs more than 10kg. Some people think it's too heavy and troublesome, but it's our Yugur people's culture. I would love to take them all the way," said Naoer Jisi, an inheritor of the Yugur ethnic group culture in Gansu province.

Her own traditional dress was made by her mother and the pearls and agates were saved up one by one over time.

Yugur people are ethnics who live in Gansu province. According to statistics in 2010, the population of Yugur people is about 14,378. They have their own language but no written words. Due to their migration history and cultural background, not many tangible or intangible cultural relics were preserved.

However, their traditional dresses for women have been retained after many generations, especially the head decorations.

Reprinted from China Daily

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