China's Four Most Beautiful Snow-capped Mountains|

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In northwest Yunnan, there are four beautiful snow-capped mountains, the altitudes of which are above 5000 meters. It is snowy all throughout the year. From foot to peak, you can experience temperate, boreal temperate and boreal seasons change. The vegetations are vertical distribution. The foot of the mountain is forest, then the shrubs, and the last is bryophytes and snow. Standing on the top of the mountain, you can view the overall charming scenery of snow-capped mountains.
The major peak of the Meili Snow Mountain likes a pyramid. The cloud that appears and disappears from time to time covers a layer of approved mystery for Meili Snow Mountain. Alpine lakes, dense forests, rich wood and a variety of different wild animals are the unique natural treasure of the snow-capped mountains.
The well-known Yulong Snow Mountain is located on the north Lijiang ancient city. Standing at the any angle of the ancient city, you almost can see the magnificent snow-capped mountains. Snowy Peak, mountainside around by the cloud, wind move and cloud shift, all of these lead you enjoy the charm of the mountain. The peak Shanziya which likes a fan is very magnificent.
Bai Mang Snow Mountain
What intoxicated people is the strong sense of three-dimensional on the color of landscape turning out from far to near. In the majestic peaks, the forests are covered by autumn and the moving water flow in the forests, which form a natural beauty that turn out in front of you if you stand on the mountain.
Haba Snow Mountain
The elevation of the peak of the Haba Snow Mountain is 5396 meters. It is snowy, cold and ice on the peak all the year round. The major peak is straight, and there are four small peaks around it. Viewing from far, it likes a silver crown Baoding. With the change of the season and the weather, the snow-covered peaks change unpredictably, sometimes cloudy and sometimes sunny. Baoding appears and disappears from time to time, so it gives you a sense of mystery.

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