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Sujinima Restaurant
Walking along the beautiful bank of Nanchuan River in Xining, you will see a house of Tibetan architectural style in the shadow of neon lights, appearing mysterious and attractive. That is Sujinima Restaurant, a famous restaurant in Qinghai Province. Entering into it, you will be surrounded by a warm cassocks red, a color that the Tibetans most like. In the wall paints the beautiful paintings which show the excellent workmanship of painters. In the center of the restaurant, there is a platform for Tibetan dance.
It is a restaurant specially providing Tibetan food. Here, you can taste the genuine Tibetan cuisine: stewed lamb, blood sausage and delicious pork congee. Many people regard that the Tibetan food is very monotonous and less nutrient, while the Tibetans live in the high altitudes for centuries and they always depend on this food to survive here. So the Tibetan food is bound to have its uniqueness.
Furonghua International Entertainment Club
In 2005, Furonghua was built in Xining, Qinghai, with excellent workmanship, unique design, and elegant decoration. It is very luxurious and fashionable. Occupying an area of 5,000 square meters, it is a large scale comprehensive entertainment club. Popular MIX Soft rock Bar, bright performance hall and elegant coffee lounge are set for entertainment. The splendid KTV hall includes five areas, luxurious area, VIP area, sightseeing area, member area and fashion area, providing different services to meet various needs of customers. It is bound to give you brand-new feelings.
Gesangmeiduolangma Hall
“Langma” means palatial music in Tibetan. Only the lords can enjoy this music in the past. But now it has become a part of common people’s entertainment. At night, you can come to Gesangmeiduolangma Hall, order a glass of beer, and enjoy the performance of national characters. In it, the complete audio and lighting equipment please you, and the ethnic dancing programs show the unique performance art, and the delicious food makes you happy just like in the paradise.

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