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Name: Zhili Wang

Gender: Male

Date of birth: July, 1971

Title: Associate professor

Degree: Doctoral

 Employer: Xiamen University

After getting my master’s degree in 1997, I was taught in the Chinese Department of Tianjin Normal University for two years. The courses I taught included Classical Chinese Literature, Modern Chinese, and Chinese language for university students.


Since I received my Doctor’s Degree in 2002, I have been a teacher in Xiamen University.


The courses I have been teaching includes, reading & writing, reading, spoken Chinese, for overseas students; Sino-foreign intercultural communication、Chinese character teaching for foreigner and Classical Chinese Literature for graduates major in applied linguistics with the direction of teaching Chinese as a foreign language、undegraduates with double degrees and Volunteer Chinese teachers who was dispatched to foreign countries by HanBan.Classical Chinese Literature for graduate students; and Appreciation of Chinese Literature, Appreciation of Classical Chinese Literature for Overseas Teachers who are from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippine, etc. to have their Advanced Chinese Studies. In Jan. ZhouYi and Chinese cultures as an optional course for all the students.


Lectures: Globalization and Sinology fever, Aesthetic meaning of ZhouYi, ZhouYi and Chinese culture.


2004, I taught Chinese Culture in Jakarta, Indonesia.


From Aug.2006 to Aug.2007, was employed by Chinese Business. Economics department of Hannam university(in Korea) as a guest professor.


Brief introduction to my research achievements

I have been working hard on researches since I began my graduate study, and have been

published more than 30 theses, two of which were published on the Journals of authority(which were appointed by XMU before 2004),three of which was published on the core Journals of the first class; Had written 2 treatises independently


Furthermore, I have compiled two teaching materials, one of which was done by myself, and took part in compiling once.written a book about Travel Chinese independently, participated in compiling a piece of classical work, undertaken two research items of ministry/provincial levels. Another one of scholastic level had been undertaken by myself. Literary Concept in Lunheng, was

honored the 6th Social Sciences Achievement Awards of Xiamen.


Was selected as one of the 6th batch young core teachers of XMU and one of a academic leaders by Teaching Chinese as the second language Office of State Counicl,2005.


Took part in the 2nd China-Japan Academic Symposium in University of Tsukuba and presented the thesis, Oct.2007, and many other academic conferences at home and abroad.

From 25th , Dec to 3th , Jan . I attended the Tenth International Proseminar of Teaching Chinese As a Foreign language, which as hold in Taipei, Taiwan .

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