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Regarded as a new kind of self-challenge sports, bungee has become more and more popular among travelers. If you are also one of the enthusiasm fans, don’t worry, you can “jump as you like” even if in China, however, among so many cities in China, the following 5 cities have the most suitable facilities for bungee.
As the capital city, Beijing is advanced in this sport field. It’s the city that bungee has developed earliest and fastest. It has 7 diving towers by now, including the Qilin Mountain which has the earliest diving tower in Shidu scenic spot, Qinglong canyon bungee, there still has the highest diving tower in Asia so far. Bungee in the city, bungee bomber, rocket bungee tower, patterns emerge in an endless stream. The highest diving tower reaches 76 meters, equal to jump from 20th floor.
The first bungee diving tower in Guangzhou is located on the cliff of Baiyun Mountain, it is about 40 meters from tower to the bottom of the valley, and there is a 400 square meters pool. Famous Baiyun bungee club that established by bungee fans is there. Baiyun Mountain bungee points blend perfectly with verdant hills and green waters, which has the most graceful environment and the most nearest distance to nature. Sante Extreme Sport Centre is the first sport centre that has completed functions, advanced facilities, blended perfectly with ecotourism, leisure trip and extreme sport in China.
On June 17th, 1999, the Eighty-thousand Extreme Sport Center in Shanghai was opened to public formally. It has indoor bungee diving stage, Jinjiang Paradise bungee is the most famous, and you can experience the most popular recreation facility in recent years-Outer Space Shuttle Flying. The high altitude bounce “T” tower in the paradise had been established in July 1999, the tower height is 40 meters.
In 1998, high altitude bounce sport enters in Wuhan. It has been established 40 meters high altitude tower in Wuhan Children’s Palace and was opened to public on April 11th. Wuhan Sante Gui Mountain Extreme Sport Center has built hathpace and Hanjiang two diving stages, bungeers can choose facing the Gui Mountain or the waves of Hanjiang, in order to gain different experiences of bouncing.
It must be exciting to bungee here; Shenzhen has the first bungee stage in South China, which is located on the seaside rock of Xiaomei vacation village in Shenzhen. The iron tower is 40 meters high; the beach full of rocks is under the stage. Brightness Farm has a special kind of continental bungee, flying up and down in a range of several meters; you could still tumbling in the sky or make every kind of soar posture, just for excitation.

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