Colorful Local Festivals in Hangzhou


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Hangzhou is a tourist capital of China; many travelers pour into the city, their numbers peaking during holidays and weekends. In addition to celebrating traditional Chinese festivals, natives celebrate local festivals that enhance Hangzhou tourism.
Dragon Well Tea Festival (April-May)
The annual Dragon Well Tea Festival, hosted by Dragon Well Village, attracts people from everywhere to take part in activities such as picking tea, drinking tea, enjoying a tea ceremony, and walking in the countryside.
West Lake Lotus Festival (July-August)
The main activities of this festival include viewing the beautiful lotus, picking lotus seed pods, shelling lotus seed, watching folk drama performances, and visiting the lotus exhibition. The host area is one of the scenic spots of West Lake--Qu Yuan Feng He.
West Lake Osmanthus Festival (September-October)
Since osmanthus is the city flower of Hangzhou, the government has decreed that each year during September when osmanthus blooms, Hangzhou citizens host the West Lake Osmanthus Festival. The sites of the celebration are usually in Man Long Gui Yu Park, Man Jue Long Village, and Hangzhou Arboretum. Appreciating osmanthus and the food made of osmanthus, drinking tea, watching shows and painting exhibitions are the main activities during the festival.
China International Qiantang River Tidal Bore Festival (September--the 18th day of the eighth lunar month)
During this tourist-friendly festival, one of the largest in China, visitors arrive to appreciate the great spectacle of the Qiantang River Bore. The bore is a unique natural phenomenon triggered by the pull of the moon. When the tides come in, a wave is produced so large that it surges several meters high. Every year this magnificent wonder draws thousands of tourists from all over the world.
West Lake International Fireworks Show (In the middle of October)
This dazzling event in West Lake draws thousand of viewers to the fireworks site to witness the glittering and colorful skyline. Thousands of new fireworks products from different countries entertain enthusiastic visitors.

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