Shopping in Sanya: Choose What You Like


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The shopping area is mainly located around the scenic areas including Dadonghai, and Tianyahaijiao Tourist Area, and on the Jiefang Road in downtown. Among them, the famous ones are Jingrun Pearl, Niulan Crystal Artwork Factory, Nanhai Hawksbill Store, Guobin Market, and Tianyahaijiao Shopping Street. If you want to buy some seafood, and farm products, the No. 1 Market will be a good choice. As for those who want to buy some souvenirs, the best places are Sanya DC and Business Street. Hairun Pearl Science Museum and Jingrun Pearl Culture Museum are good places to buy pearls and related products. In the Hongqi Street, you can buy coconut-related food, coffee bean, cashew nut and so on.
Honggang Market
Honnggang Market starts from the Sanya cultural palace, about 300 meters on the west side of Jiefang No. 1 Road. It is the distribution center of Sanya's dry goods, such as dry abalone, sea cucumber, shrimp, cashew nuts, and so on. If you are a gourmet, Honnggang Market is a must for you to go where you can buy "Three Ya Zhou Treasures," and then take some time to enjoy cooking at home.
Hongqi jie Shopping Street
Hongqi Jie Shopping Street is a very unique vehicle-free promenade street, only more than 300 m long. Stores, which are closely linked to each other, sell all kinds of goods from small commodities for daily use to candy, and from the medicine, clothing, footwear, to household appliances. Hongqi Jie Shopping Street has been the most prosperous and bustling street of Sanya City for a long time. The street is divided into two parts, in the north part the main wholesalers for local food, audio-video, daily use and the Medicines and Health Products gather, while the south part being the main pool of clothing stores, and leisure places.
Jiefang Lu Pedestrian Street
Jiefang Lu Pedestrian Street is not merely the only business pedestrian street, but also known as the shopping and entertainment center for tourists at home and abroad. Every night Pedestrian Street area is the busiest and most populous place of Sanya. Citizens and tourists stream to this 200-meter-long street. Foreigners walk among them wearing local dresses giving more obvious signs of the internationalization of Sanya. There is a street selling handicraft articles and another for local dresses, which make this street the favorite place for tourists to buy special and local products.
Summer Department Store
Summer Department Store is located in the central area of the Dadonghai Tourism District. With an area of 20,000 square meters of commercial operation, it is the core commercial facilities of shopping park, which is Hainan's largest tourism shopping area. Summer department store is not only the largest shopping center in Sanya City, but also the largest coastal tourist and leisure plaza.

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