Seven Useful Tips for Foreign Travelers in Beijing


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As the capital of China, Beijing has been the main destinations for foreigners in recent years. However, traveling in a foreign country, you may face some detailed difficulties. If you have decided to plan a trip to Beijing, go on reading and you will find something useful for you.
Hotels in Beijing
People who are traveling to Beijing will find that the hotels ranging from 3 star to 5 star are quite westernized, they have many clerks and staff who speak English. In a 5 star hotel, they will also speak Japanese, French, and sometimes, German. Hotels within walking distance of Tiananmen Square tend to be a bit more expensive.

Language Problems
English is widely used in hotels and by many residents of Beijing. To exchange amenities with Chinese people in a hotel, you can just say, "Hello!" Or, "How are you?" "How do you do?" You will be able to request services and assistance as you would at any of the world's major hotels.

Local and International Phone Calls
In 3-5 star hotels, you will find a phone in your room and you can dial the operator to make an international phone call.

There are special phone cards you can obtain to reduce your costs. For one minute you'll spend $USD 50 cents, while, with a direct phone call, it would cost you $2.00 USD or more. Your Beijing Travel Guide will help you find the best and lowest cost way to make local and international phone calls.

It is appropriate to tip as you would in any of the world's major cities. A typical range would be 10 - 20% depending on your satisfaction with the service you receive.

Special Customs in Beijing
There are no special customs that you must observe in Beijing. However, the people of Beijing are naturally very friendly, friendlier than you would expect people to be in a large city. You will find that residents of Beijing will respond very warmly if you are friendly and talk to them.
Weather in Beijing
Beijing has a very moderate continental climate. The annual rainfall every year here is about 600 mm to 700 mm (appx. 24 to 28 inches), therefore, visitors are not very likely to encounter rain. Most rainfall is in June, July and August.

Travel Documents Needed in Visiting Beijing
In addition to having a valid passport, you will need a tourist visa to travel to Beijing. This is easily obtained through the Chinese Embassy (in your country's capital city) or a Chinese Consulate (in cities other than the capital of your country).

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