Top Ten Famous International Travel Agencies in Shanghai|

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As we all known, Shanghai is one of the modern cities as the most closely convergence with the world's fast pace. According to the comprehensive strength and public praise, we selected ten famous ones in Shanghai, hoping to offer convenience for your trip in China.
As one of Chinese largest comprehensive travel enterprises group, Jinjiang has its core industry as hotel, catering services, tourism and other fields. This group has invested and managed 133 hotels as well as 5 international and domestic travel agencies.
Shanghai CITS
It has the longest history of travel agency management in China, owning about 200 full-time tour guides and leaders, all of who are the holders of travel guide's license. Since 1993, it has been rated as the top 100 international travel agencies in Shanghai and civilized units.
Shanghai Airline International Travel Co., Ltd
As a company of good strength, it has two direct subsidiaries, 7 wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries and 2 equity companies with its over 80 business sector established in Shanghai.
Established in 1981, it has over 2,000 tourist guide staff with its business covering tourism, aviation, air tickets, conferences, business and other industries and has been ranked first in the country's domestic tourism for more than 10 years by the National Tourism Administration.
After more than 30 years' development, it has become a comprehensive travel service enterprise receiving the largest amount of inbound tourists of overseas Chinese citizens and trips abroad in the Shanghai traveling market with its business covering migration tourism.
Shanghai China Travel Agency International Co., Ltd
With 10 odd business outlets in the city and 4 holding companies' owing, this agency has a high-quality, multilingual and experienced professional tour manager rank, which has been successfully participate in the APEC meeting in 2002 and 2004 World Engineers Conference.
Shanghai East International Travel Service Co., Ltd
Established in 1994, it is a large comprehensive international travel agency with a number of qualifications of international and domestic air ticket sales agents and tourist charter business, which enjoys a good reputation in the tourism sector and for 10 consecutive years.
As the Shanghai Tourism Industry Association executive director of unit, Central Pacific Tourism Association and a member of the Association of International Shipping as well as the owner of wholly-owned subsidiary in New York US, it has 26 departments and 18 business outlets and topped the double 100 tourism agencies in the annual appraisals in the country in 2002.
Brigade Group of the New Shanghai International Travel Service Co., Ltd
As the only one wholly-owned subsidiary of China International Travel Service Head Office in Shanghai, it won the national top 100 enterprises International Travel Service, Shanghai Tourism Commission civilized units, the Brigade Group advanced enterprises, the brigade's overall title of the advanced enterprises, and also the members of the Asia-Pacific Tourism Organization as well as IATA.
Shanghai Comfort International Travel Service Co., Ltd
Founded in 2002, as the largest branch of China Comfort International Travel group with its registered capital of 6 million RMB, this company is the largest outbound tourism wholesalers of East China, also the state franchise outbound travel of Chinese citizen's travel agents, IATA A level agency and the China Tourism Association member.

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