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The beginning of summer, many beautiful birds have begun to sing melodious tunes. If you are tired of common outdoor activities, you can try bird watching. The following introduce the famous place to watch bird in Beijing and Shanghai.
Dongshan Birds Protecting Area
Lying in the east of Chongming Island, there is a bird-protected area called Dongtan. Covering an area of 300 million square meters, this place is the home of more than 116 kinds of wild birds. Dongtan also has a beautiful lake, where many kinds of water fow, including swans live here. If you are lucky, you can also observe some special species like Green-backed herons and Black-faced spoonbills. Sometimes you even can get a chance to see the splendid views when thousands of birds fly together.
Early morning is the best time to watch birds, as Dongtan is also a good place to enjoy sunrise. It is a gorgeous sight to see the birds flying under the rising sun. If visitors want to spend the night, Chenjia Town is a good choice as here you can taste delicious seafood and shellfish like crabs.
Fengxian Century Park
In the early summer, the beautiful forests of Fengxian Century Park attract many birds to settle here. The most common birds found in this area include the Cuckoo, Yellowbird and Red-collared dove. So summer in this park becomes a concert full of enchanting bird songs.
Songjiang Tianma Mountain
Located at a high altitude, the most frequently spotted species here are the mountain forest birds, including tit and Dollarbird. Usually, visitors can find more than 20 kinds of birds per day. The mountainous area is also home to many temples and pagodas, making a trip here a feeling of serenity.

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