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Top Five Largest Medical Universities in China

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With the rapid development of modern medicine, a great number of medical schools have been established in China universities. Considered with academic programs, faculty members, as well as students’ quantity, we have selected the following 5 largest China medical universities:
With the rapid development of modern medicine, a large number of medical schools have been established in China universities. Considered by academic programs quantity, faculty supervisors and students' quantity, we selected the following 5 largest China medical universities for your reference:
With 27 schools or colleges and departments, it has a capacity of 49 doctoral programs, 61 master programs, 3 mobile post-doctoral stations and 12 bachelor programs with 5 state key disciplines, 27 provincial key disciplines. There are 8,864 faculty members and 26,546 full-time students with 933 doctorates, 2,842 postgraduates and 8,820 undergraduates.
Top 2 China Concord Medical Science University
It is home to 6 authorized first-level doctoral programs, 49 authorized second-level doctoral programs, 51 authorized master programs and 6 post-doctoral mobile stations with 18 national key disciplines. There are 302 doctoral supervisors, 486 master supervisors and 26 academicians of the 2 ministries. It has an enrollment of over 20,000 students in the university.
Top 3 Harbin Medical University
Founded in 1926, it currently covers 4 authorized first-level doctoral programs, 41 authorized second-level doctoral programs, 49 authorized master programs, 11 undergraduate programs and 5 post-doctoral mobile research stations. It has an enrollment of over 10,000 students of different kinds. Besides, the number of staff has reached more than 11,000.
Owning a number of 20346 staff members, it can be able to enroll more than 8373 full-time students with 2318 graduates, 4011 undergraduates and 34 international students. At present, it owns 41 authorized doctoral stations, 78 authorized master stations and 2 mobile post-doctoral research stations.
At present, the number of staff reaches over 1000. Founded in 1956, it has developed into a university covering 15 doctoral degree programs, 18 master’s degree programs, 16 undergraduate programs and 3 post-doctoral stations. It covers 15 secondary schools or colleges. Besides, it has a capacity of 4 national key disciplines, 7 provincial key disciplines and 7 ministerial disciplines.

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