3 Insurance Companies in China with the Most Sales Volume in 2008

07,2009 Editor:AT0086.com| Resource:AT0086.com

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As an insurance company, the sales volume cannot be ignored. It reflects the development and potential of it. An annual report indicates that the following 3 insurance companies are developed with a growth rate of 35% per year.
China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (CLIC)
In 2008, the insurance premium of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (CLIC) reached 295.6 billion Yuan, with a grow rate of 50.33% compared with 2007. The premium of Profit sharing insurance accounts for 72%, traditional insurance 18% and full insurance and accident insurance 10% of total amount.
China Ping An Insurance Company Limited
The insurance premium of China Ping An Life Insurance Company Limited reached 129.4 billion Yuan in 2008, 28.2% growth compared with 2007. Besides, it made a lot of contributions to banks: 50.5% credit card sales of banks, which accounts for 14.3% of Properties & Casualty insurance premium.
China Pacific Insurance Co., Ltd
The insurance premium of China Pacific Insurance Co., Ltd. reached 94 billion in 2008, 26.6% growth compared with 2007. It created outstanding performance in Properties & Casualty insurance sales with premium of 27.9 billion Yuan, 18.7% growth to 2007.

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