The Commonly Used Telephone Numbers in China


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Don't know which number to dail when come across emergencies? These nuumbers are the most frequently used ones, which may help you in the vital occassions.
Function                                                                      Number   
The code for international telephone calls                              86  
Alarm                                                                              110
Fire alarm                                                                        119 
First aid                                                                          120
Information center                                                            168
Information directory desk                                                  114
Weather forecast service                                                   121 
Accident alarm                                                                 122
Staff information service center                                          160
International calls center                                                   115 
Voice mail                                                                       166
Domestic staff toll directory desk                                        116 
Postal code inquiry desk                                                    184 
EMS inquiry center                                                           185
Mobile phone service desk                                                 189
Flight information center                                                   2580
Train information center                                                    2585    
Consumer complaint center                                                12315
Information center of China Mobile                                      12580
Expenses inquiry desk of domestic long distance call               170

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