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We cannot live without postal tools nowadays. As a foreigner in China, how to use the postal tools? The following will give you answer.
We cannot live without telecommunication tools nowadays. As a foreigner in China, how to use the  tools? The following will give you answer.
Cell phone
Most of the cell phones bought in foreign countries like US, Germany, Japan and South Korea, cannot be normally used in China since different countries in the world have different network service systems. In China, only GSM and CDMA systems are available. Besides, the working frequencies are different for different countries. A frequency of 900/1800Hmz only can be recognized in China. So the best thing is to purchase or rent a cell phone in China itself when you are here for your trip.
After you purchase a new cell phone in China, it will be necessary to have a new Chinese SIM card inserted in the cell phone. Different mobile carriers have different SIM cards. You can shop around and choose the one that suits you.
Mobile lease is also available in China though fewer people now use it. In the business halls of the mobile carriers, roadside cell phone shops or secondhand markets even at the airports, you may rent a cell phone.
The charging cost of your mobile varies, based on the different SIM cards. There are two big mobile carriers in China: China Mobile and China Unicom. Any of them can provide you with good service. Generally speaking, it is much cheaper for you to use cell phone in China. The phone bill is required to be paid in advance at the business hall of the carriers or through the bill-paying card. All kinds of affairs related to your cellphone can be handled at the business outlets of your Service Provider.
Postal Service
Although the mobile phone, internet or other even more advanced contact ways emerges as the times require and they have been developing fast, the postal service still plays a very important part in people's daily life nowadays. In China, post offices, with a striking green logo, can be easily found everywhere in the cities.
Envelopes and Stamps can be easily bought in any of the post offices. Do remember to stick the adequate-value stamp firmly on the envelope and write the address clearly. Besides, the zip code of the destination is required.
Telephone and Fax
Making a telephone call - local, long-distance or international - is very easy in China. The phone booths and other public telephones can be easily found on the roadside, hotels, railway stations, airports and large-scale emporia. Most of the public telephones in China are operated by inserting a phone card, whose par value ranges from 20 to200 Yuan. There are also other stationary telephones offered by the peddlers of the small roadside shops and here you should pay cash.
You may also fax your message in China. There are public fax machines in many places. Scanning services etc are also available. The cost of faxing is akin to that for phoning, basically ranging from 3 to 5 Yuan.
Along with the advancement and development of China, internet access nowadays is widely available. Many cyber bars with quality computers and high-speed access can be easily found in places like the leisure area, busy street, schools and universities. The cost will vary from city to city, but generally it is 1-5 Yuan per hour. In most of the starred hotels, internet service is offered in a special area to guests. The cost will be somewhat higher, of course.

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