Three reasons to choose Xiamen University's International Chinese Langague Education(first reason)|

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applicants of International Chinese Education broke a new record

It is said that Academic Degree Commission of China State Council officially agreed to set up master degree for International Chinese Education, so far, there are 82 universities have this program. Overseas Education College of Xiamen University began to enrolling international students in 2009,within a few years, its academic influence expended year by year, and the social impact sharply increased, number of graduates increased from initial 21 to 179 now, almost 8 times’ increasing, moreover, applicants of International Chinese Education broke a new record this year, What is the reason that massive overseas students choose Xiamen University’s master degree of International Chinese Education?

First, profound historical accumulation

Overseas Education College is Xiamen University’s higher educational institution for international education, as well as one of the Chinese earliest institutions carrying out international education, the college was firstly founded in 1956, and was renamed Overseas Education College under the permission of Ministry of Education of PRC in 1991. Now, Overseas Education College of Xiamen University sets up Chinese Language Department, Distance Teaching Department, Educational Research Institute of Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language, Confucius Institute Developmental Research Center, Confucius Institute Online Education Technology Development and Promotion Center, International Chinese Language Teachers Training Center, Nationalized Chinese Language Materials Development Center and so on, as well as setting up exam sites for National Language Committee mandarin level test and China Hanban HSK test, it is the key college for China Hanban to support Chinese language teaching in countries near around.

At present, Overseas Education College enrolls both the Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language and Linguistics majored academic learning oriented post-graduates and International Chinese Education majored professional post-graduates. Besides, it enrolls overseas Chinese language undergraduates, short-term and long-term advanced scholars, online education overseas undergraduates and double degree overseas undergraduates of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. Particularly in 2012, the college established the first secondary discipline of “Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language” for Ph.D. candidates, and started to enrolling students home and abroad from 2013, as well as enrolling post-graduate of China Hanban “Confucius neo-sinology program”, therefor, Our college formulated the multi-level talents training and school-running mode covering  the cultivation for post-graduate, graduate and undergraduate even advanced scholar and online correspondence education student, and established specially complete international Chinese Education professionals' cultivation categories    


Through the development of over 50 years, Overseas Education College of Xiamen University’s International Chinese Education is in the possession of subject characteristic of equal stress on the Chinese language teaching and culture communication, academic education and non-degree academic education simultaneously and theoretical research and application development in parallel, it enjoys a great fame at home and abroad in field of Chinese language teaching.    

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