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Diversified measures of talent cultivation

In recent years, Leaderships of Overseas Education College worked closely together with each other, perfected organizational institution of gradate cultivation and management, took full advantage of XMU’s excellent academic resources to put effort in actualizing national key development strategy in international Chinese language promotion in accord with the “Internationalized” characteristic of International Chinese Education majored graduate, and combined with International Chinese Education advantage of Overseas Education College to  spare no effort to positively explore and innovate International Chinese Education majored graduate’s cultivation mode through diversified measures. The diversified measures of talent cultivation contain:


The first one is the internationalized teaching staff. At present, Overseas Education College insists on regularly inviting famous overseas scholars specializing in the field of International Chinese Education to be graduates’ teachers, the graduates can get correspondent credits through taking the selective course, and our college also invited famous experts at home and abroad regularly to give academic lectures in various special subjects so as to complete internationalization system of graduate programs. So to say that the internationalization construction of curriculum system of graduate students strengthened graduate students’ “consciousness of question recognizing”  


The second one is regular international communication. In recent years, OEC completely encourages graduate students to organize academic salon autonomously and put effort in improving their academic vision, simply in 2012, for example, there were 13 times academic salons have been organized. In the meanwhile, the college holds “Country-specific Chinese Language Teaching Materials International Academic Seminar” regularly, positively applies for hosting international academic conferences and requires graduate students to participate in after holding “Senior Overseas Chinese Language Education Forum” continuously in 2011 and 2012, this year OEC will host “the 4th East Asia Sinology International Academic Seminar”. Through taking in international academic exchange to get involved in the circle of International Chinese teaching, thus greatly cultivating graduate students’ “frontier spirit”


The third one is the overseas teaching practice. OEC takes full advantage of the teaching platforms of the 15 Confucius Institutes cooperatively established by Xiamen University to require graduate students to teaching at last year’s Chinese language abroad so as to let them better understand and involve in overseas Chinese language teaching. Besides, the graduate students are required to undertake Chinese language teaching task independently during their stay in China, in this case to make full preparation for teaching overseas and improved graduate students’ “native consciousness” in Chinese language teaching.


The last one is concealed essays evaluation system. OEC takes full use of domestic and overseas academic resources to carry out double concealed evaluation system for all academic papers, the college set up specialist base of relevant domestic and overseas academic fields, and randomly invites specialist in the corresponding fields to have anonymous review on graduate’s essays according to the fields in which the essays involves in, it, on one hand, improves tutor’s instruct ability and student’s “consciousness of responsibility” on the other hand.

In order to improve graduate student’s academic writing and scientific research capacities, in recent years, OEC published “International Chinese Language Journals”, “Confucius Institute Development Research” and QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF CHINESE STUDIES” three academic magazines successively after having published “Overseas Chinese Language Education” and “Overseas Chinese Language Education Trend” two magazines, which provides platforms for the publication of graduate student’s papers. It can be seen that OEC actively innovated graduate student’s cultivation mode, fully expended graduate student’s academic vision, strengthened consciousness of question recognizing, improved frontier spirit, native consciousness and consciousness of responsibility, and it successful reached expected goal of cultivation of Chinese Language Education majored graduate student.

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