Three reasons to choose Xiamen University's International Chinese Langague Education(third reason)|

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Future Development Prospect

Now Overseas Education College of Xiamen University is both the China State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Chinese language education base and support unite of China Hanban International Chinese Promotion base in southern areas. Combining the new strategy in international Chinese promotion, OEC starts with cultivating professionals who have international vision, interest in international Chinese language education and spirit of devotion and pioneering, and can be engaged in all tasks in international Chinese promotion to continuously reform working mechanism, carry out commission of “talent cultivation, scientific research, social work, culture heritage” so as to meet talents demand of Chinese language teaching development.


In recent years, OEC makes every effort to strengthen the integrality with the international Chinese language promotion base in southern areas, all staffs of the college shoulder to shoulder, overcame the difficulties even under the conditions of a serious shortage of teachers, and the college takes serving international Chinese language promotion and Confucius Institution construction as final goal, takes construction of network platform and information resource, takes talent cultivation and teaching materials development as a leader and takes International Chinese Education and culture communication research and market promotion as goal to develop  the survey and research on the utilizing of international Chinese education, teachers and teaching materials, to build online education system and teaching resource supporting system, to develop country-specific teaching materials and teaching methods, to train teaching staff and volunteers, to establish Chinese language promotion talents pool, to implement theoretical research and application development of international Chinese language promotion, to establish academic journals platforms for international Chinese education and to concentrate on improving the ability and standard of supporting Confucius Institute’ construction.


It can be predicted that with the increasing impact of Xiamen University, Overseas Education College attaches importance to training comprehensive and chiasm-type talents who master Chinese and foreign language and culture to provide more talents support for Chinese language promotion while developing fundamental Chinese and culture promotion. We believed that Xiamen University will make more contributions to the promotion of Chinese language education, and its international Chinese education will have a better future.

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