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Comparison of Three Telecom Operators of China

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1) Advantage of the network, base stations of China Mobile are widely distrbuted in the country, stable signal to ensure call quality (2G card).
2) More choices, according to the needs of different users, developed different tariff packages of three major brands: GoTone, M-ZONE and Easyown.
3) Billing advantage, billing is accurate and will not appear arbitrary deductions.
4) Good service.

1) Compared to China Unicom and China Telecom, fares are higher.
2) Regulation is not in place, many spam test messages.
3) Bad signal of 3G cards, difficult to access to the internet.
4) Internet access charges are more expensive.

1) The fares are relatively lower compare to China Mobile.
2) Better signals of 3G cards.
3) Unicom use WCDMA networks, the internet connection is speed and smooth with a widely network coverage.
4) There are more choices of cell phones with the WCDMA network. The world's leading mobile phone manufacturers have introduced a large number of WCDMA handsets.

1) Bad signals of 2G cards compare to Mobile, especially in remote area.
2) The tariff is not clear enough, arbitrary deductions are common.

1) The signals of 3G cards are the best among the three operators.
2) More choices of internet access packages package.
3) Smooth roaming network abroad than the signal of Unicom.
4) Many options of handsets too.

1) Fares are higher than Mobile and Unicom.
2) Bad signals of 2G cards.

1) Figure out all the specific service of the package you choose, avoid spending unnecessary money on the unwanted service.
2)If you have a greater demand of phone calls and SMS service , it is recommended to package service of Mobile, it would be more cost-effective.
3) If you have a greater demand of the internet access, it is recommended to select Unicom's or Telecom's 3G card.

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