Seven Certificates Making You More Competitive as a Foreign Language Teacher in China


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There are many foreign teachers in the market of foreign language teaching in china, if you have one of those certificate-TEFL,TESOL,TESL,DELTA,CELTA,CELTYL,you don't have to be worried about finding job in China.
Nowadays in China’s foreign language education market there’re so many bright foreign teachers. You may ask, what kind of foreign teachers do the Chinese schools prefer? What’s the key point that you are given the priority to be employed by the Chinese schools? Go on reading and you will find more!
TEFL (short for Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is a kind of certificate used for teaching English in the country whose official language is not English. At present TEFL is a general English teachers’ certificate widely recognized and accepted in the world. It shows that the foreign teacher has got some training in oral foreign language and in teaching methods and obtained some skills on that.
TESOL (short for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is awarded by the American TESOL education academy, approved by the TESOL international organization; what’s more, it is also approved by most of the schools or language training institutes in England and Australia etc. The American TESOL certificate gives the requirement of certain level of English for the TESOL learners; As a result, it proves the teaching qualification and teaching ability for its holders as English teachers for the students whose mother language is not English.
TESL (short for Teaching English as a Second Language) is a specially designed training course for the English teachers whose mother language is not English. It focuses on the efficient way for English teaching as a foreign language teaching, trying to establish the common ground for the non-native language teaching communication contact, and it also emphasizes the skills on listening, speaking, reading and writing with the methods on grammar, vocabulary etc. in its traditional teaching fields. The TESL certificate is also world-wide accepted in the world.
DELTA (short for Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults) is a world-wide accepted certificate may help you get deeper comprehension on the English teaching theory and practice to the adults with the assist in you applying higher position on the base of your current teaching fruits and achievement.
CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) was initially conferred to those who have some or little teaching experience and later they began their teaching career. Since it is awarded by the Cambridge University ESOL, you may trust its quality and its authorization.
CELTYL (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Young Learners) was initially conferred to those who have some or little teaching experience and later they began their teaching career. The CELTYL certificate shows that you have the ability teaching the children or the hobbledehoys in the language school. This internationally widely accepted certificate proves you stable base in language teaching and the enough confidence to command the young learners in your classroom.
The former name of ICELT (In-Service Certificate in English Language Teaching) is COTE (Certificate for Overseas Teachers of English). The ICELT is the senior English teachers’ certificate awarded by the Cambridge University. The Mexico SEP organization has granted the ICELT certificate as the international standard certificate for the English teachers.

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