Are You Still Worrying About No Uni to Apply?

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Hi guys,

Are you worrying about that there’s no place to apply in 2017? As most universities in CHINA that already start or finish their enrollment day, so you know… …

However, there are only a few universities extend their deadline for apply. It can be some extra chances!! So, inside of worrying, why not TAKE A CLOSER LOOK. Here might be some courses SUITABLE FOR YOU

Southern China

Neusoft Institute Guangdong

Software   Engineering

Business   Management(e-commerce)

Business Management(financial   management)

Extend the deadline once, before September   15

Ningbo   University

Financial Engineering

Tourism Management(Taught   in French)

Extend once, now before   September 30 will be fine

Hunan   University of Commerce

Extend once, before September   15

Shandong Jianzhu University

Civil Engineering

All the year round

Zhejiang Gongshang University

Computer Science and Technology

Only Chinese Language   study are still available before October

Northern   China

Jilin Medical University


Before early   October

Liaoning Shihua University

Petroleum Engineering

Mining Engineering

Before October 15

Shijiazhuang Tiedao University

Mechatronics Engineering

Before October 30

Shenyang   Medical College

Clinical Medicine(MBBS)

Still has some places

North China University of Technology

Extend Once. If visa   comes on time, it will still available

Xi’an Shiyou University

Petroleum Engineering

Before October 30, you   can submit normally

China Medical   University

Currently, MBBS still has   some places

Ok, hopefully it can help you some.

If there are some courses fit you, you can directy apply from our official web:



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