Headache with Learning Chinese? Those universities will make it easier for you

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Many international students choose to study in China. But, somehow, it’s always hard to escape from learning Chinese, no matter for social or a single assignment. To be honest, Learning Chinese is hard for beginners. However, with many years of experience, some of the universities in China have already created their own way to help overseas students out of this trouble.

Here We Go:

Neusoft Institute Guangdong

Chinese and International students attend the same class. Almost every single overseas student can have a Chinese friend.




Northwest University

All majors are trained to have Chinese language requirements, and the goal is to cultivate bilingual talents.? Moreover, university arranges one-to-one Chinese study partners.






Zhejiang Gongshang University

There are many association activities in the university. For the international friendship, local students and international students are learning to grow together.





Zhejiang Normal University

Special volunteer teams here to help students learn Chinese quickly.


So, how do you feel now? Learn from them or choose them, which might be the easiest way to study Chinese.

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