A Life Time Decision, A Dream Comes Ture

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Mohamed Juma Amour         Tanzania           Bachelor  

2 years ago, since I have graduated from high school, I came to Wuhan for Chinese language study. However, once my language reaches a certain level, I decided to study at a China university. At that moment, a hardest decision came to me: Which university should be my future alma mater

Then AT0086 appears, a very kind girl called Penny, she guides me. From the first email to she becomes my best friend in China, she always thinking in my way and trying to solve my problem. Now, I am student in Zhejiang Gongshang University, I love everything here. Its new for me.

On one hand, I love to study with other locals, so my language skill can get improved. By 1 year study here, I can feel inside myself that kind of confidence and composedness.Go abroad make me understand much more than I thought. Without family takes care, everything I have to make decision by myself. Every mission I have to finish on my own. Its hard at beginning. However, its also a kind of challengeGradually, I learned how to make my life here easy and colorful.

Moreover, I love the multinational phenomenon here, cultures from all over the world mix here. It just like a salad bow, everyone keeping their own culture here and respect others culture.Someone might say its bored to study aboard, but I would say if the people who dont know how to make their life colorful, wherever they go, their life will still fade. The only person who can taste the sweet of the life is the one not scare about trying the bitter life.

On the other hand, I have learnt what a target is. Having a target is very important. Following your dream, everyday get closer to your target, then, you know where to go, and you wont get lost.

Although my university life has just begin, I already experience the first time to view the things from a different angle, the first time think whats the meaning of my life, and the first time understand what is a university life and study aboard.

The winter is coming, it will followed by 2017. Hence, I have to cherish my time here. I wish everyone can make their dream comes true. Just speak to yourself: This is it!

Thanks for all the people who helped me, my teacher, my parents, and last but not least-- AT0086. Thanks for guide me here! When the time I was lost, you are my torch lights.


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