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Founded in 2006, AT0086.com is the earliest online platform in the world that deals with applications to study in China. It helps international students find the right university and course, get admission successfully, and arrive at the university safely. It also helps Chinese universities to do international promotion and recruit excellent overseas students. With 10 years’ contribution and the support from Chinese Ministry of Education and local government, AT0086 has become the pioneer of the industry.




More than 10 years’ experiences make AT0086 PROFESSIONAL. Each year, AT0086 provides one-stop servicesfor tens of thousands of international students from more than 180 countries tostudy in China, starts from information consultation till the students arriveat the university. 11 years’ local service experiences gives us a better understandingof Chinese universities’ entry requirement, which helps AT0086 provide betterpersonalized study plan for the applicants to improve their admission rate andcome to study successfully


AT0086is HIGHLY RECOGNIZED AND AUTHORIZED by Chinese universities, educationaldepartment and Chinese government.AT0086has established good partnerships with hundreds of universities in China,helped universities build official English website. What’s more, AT0086 hasbeen invited as the Expert to give speech in various training meetings held byChinese ministry of education, to share student recruitment experience withChinese universities and big data to Chinese ministry of education as reference.AT0086 also helps provincial educational management department speed up thevisa letter issue process by developing JW202 online approval system.


AT0086 helps students SAVE TIME AND MONEY. AT0086 has collected over 30,000 validcourses from more than 200 Chinese universities to meet demands of students indifferent degree levels. Students can easily get enrollment information frommore than 200 universities just in our one platform. Moreover, our students canget admission result in 1 working day fastest. Besides high quality services, AT0086offers competitive service charge than other agents either in China or abroad.It will be your preferred authority choice for studying in China



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