Appreciation Letter To AT0086 Manager Melissa Duan

05,2018 Editor:AT0086|

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Hello :

I have the honor to solicit your kindness to write you this humble letter from me

So I am DAGHMI Nordine Moroccan student in China aged 23 years old.

So I want to inform everyone and all students who want to study in China that I am really lucky to find an agency that helps students find and choose the universities most suited to its orientations; it is a well organized agency to prepare well efficient and also insurable. it is THE AT0086 this last one really helped me to find the university suitable to my choice and my specialty that since always I intend to do it; on the other hand as I am a foreign student in China and I do not know many things here; with this agency you can have a lot of ideas and also the most accurate information to your choice to another part the latter can help students to have full or partial scholarships during studies;

So I really want to thank all the staff of AT0086 and more specifically the person in charge for the admission named Melissa DUAN, a really efficient person in her quick job to answer and dynamic really she tries to do the impossible for that students find what they want; Melissa DUAN also helped me find the school where I can continue my studies and she also helped my friends who are also foreign students in China. I really thank him and I also thank the staff of AT0086 because they have responsible people like the manager Melissa DUAN who helps a lot.

So I convince all foreign students who want to study in China or who are now in China and they are looking for suitable establishments to their choice not to miss the opportunity to contact the AT0086 team.

In conclusion thank you is at the same time pull a big hat to the manager Melissa DUAN and all AT0086 team .

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