What is CISS?

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1. What is CISS
CISS is the abbreviation of “China Institute Selected Subjects”, it is an International application platform for China universities since 2006. With ten years experiences in this field, we have helped ten thousands of students get accepted successfully.


CISS is an official application center, authorized by two hundreds of China universities to recruit outstanding international students, all the majors and universities in CISS are selected elaborately, insist on providing excellent course and local one stop service for student.

2. Why apply through CISS


1) Waive application fee of three universities (usually 70-150 USD each)

2) Guaranteed admission rate up to 98.8%

3) 90% student get scholarships like tuition fee waive, free accommodation etc.

4) Free scholarship application service

5) Free dormitory and air-pick up reservation service

6) Internship opportunities to world TOP 500 enterprises

7) Free E-learning courses provided in CISS

3. How to apply



1) Register in CISS and pay for the service fee 30USD

2) Choose three universities at most

3) Provide required documents

4) Get admission letter

5) Choose aimed university and pay for USD300 deposit

6) Get original hard copies of admission letter and JW202

7) Apply for student visa

8) Arrive and register at university

9) Get refund the USD300 deposit

4. Why apply selected subjects in CISS


1) All courses are instructed in local English

2) Worldwide-accredited degree certificate after graduation

3) Government supported education resources

4) More attention from China official universities

5) High employment rate up to 95.9% for graduates

5. Fees in CISS

1) Service fee 30USD: it is CISS platform service fee, students can go through VIP procedures applying three selected universities at most for free, and it is refundable if CISS failed in helping applicants get accepted by any selected universities.

2) Deposit 300USD: it is CISS platform deposit fee to maintain course seat. All courses in CISS are selected elaborately and quotas are limited. The selected universities only process JW202 (visa application form) for those who pays the deposit. Deposit is refundable when applicants arrive and register in university successfully.

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