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According to the latest news, around 100 high school in Cameroon have opened the Chinese classes for their students. It increased double in half a year.

Students who apply for Chinese language program through our office have increase about 3 times compared with last year. More and more foreign students will come to China to study Chinese language.

If you are in China now, do you think you have chosen the right school? If you have not come to China, then you have to check the information to make proper choice.
First of all, let’s see some data and information.

tuition fee.jpg

Explaination to this chart, 1)those provinces do not have capital city means they are municapities. 2) the average tuition fee in each city is for 1 year Chinese language program only. Other majors are not included.

Misunderstanding of choosing school to study Chinese language
1.I must study in Beijing, because it is the capital city and people there all speak standard Mandarin. Besides culture in this city is profound.
2.I must study in those schools whose name have language, culture and foreign studies. All those schools that are famous for language.
3.I must study in Shanghai or Guangdong, because it is big and international city.

Of course your idea seems correct and great. But please pay attention to following points.
1.China is a country with thousands of years’ history. Beijing is not the only city with many historic sites and profound culture.
2.China is a country combined by 56 people. Even the citizen from the same city speak different dialects. Like Xianning , a city in Hubei province, people speak 8 kinds of dialects in Xianning. So whether the citizen in that city speak dialect or mandarin is not so important. Most important of all is the atmosphere around you and what and how the teachers, students, classmates speak.
3.Beijing, Shanghai and Guangong is the dreaming city not only for you international students, but also for Chinese. But you can see the data we collected lately. The average tuition fee and accommodation fee is the highest. We have to take this into consideration when choosing school as studying abroad will cost much to our family.

At last, we select some schools for you. They are not in big city. Their name do not have language or culture. But you can find they are wonderful for international students to study Chinese.

Henan University
1.Located in Kaifeng, Henan Province, which has been capital city for 7 different dynasties in the past.
2.In Qing Dynasty (清朝), HENU was one of the three studying abroad training centers for international students. (The other two is Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiaotong University).
3.Teachers are so professional, kind and friendly that many students do not to leave after studying Chinese. So many Chinese language students will choose to continue degree education here after Chinese language program.

Northwestern Polytechnic University
1.Located in Xi’an, another ancient city in China
2.One of the 8 Wonders of The World - Terracotta Warriors is settled here. You can go and visit, and experience the culture there.
3.Raised as China Oversea Education Outstanding University last year.

HENU and NPU are two schools not located in Beijing, but in other ancient cities with profound Chinese culture.

Hunan University
1.Famous for candidate instruction for 9th-13th (2010 – 2014) Chinese Bridge Competition
2.Chinese Bridge - Summer Camp for America high school students was held here in 2013 and 2014.
3.Host of the testing of HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test)

Central China Normal University
1.Regarded as Chinese language education bases for international students.
2.One of the three language education centers in Central China
3.Chinese foundation education bases for international students.
HNU and CCNU are two schools whose name do not have language or culture but are very professional and famous in language education.

Jiangsu University
1.Located in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, where ancient Wu Culture originates. And today economics develops very fast.
2.Environment in Jiangsu University is very beautiful and comfortable. Their library set up a special column to collect foreign books, magazines and periodicals.
3.Flexible and abundant Chinese language program available
The beautiful environment and developing economics makes JSU welcomed and popular among Chinese language students.

Lanzhou Jiaotong University
1.Member of Demonstration Bases for Study in China, it is the first university in Gansu province to be raised on the list.
2.Tuition fee of Language in this school is 10000RMB/Y. It’s much cheaper than most cities.
3.And students who have already studies there tell me all teachers and people there speak standard mandarin. So they just recommend their friends to go there. Maybe that’s one of the reason why LZJTU was been listed on the Demonstration bases so fast.
LZJTU is a school with affordable fees for most students. And it is most welcomed by Muslim students because it is also a place for Chinese Muslim living.

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