Have a guess, which 3 words describe Changsha?

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Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, is a famous ancient city with a history of 3,500 years,is also the hometown of great chairman Mao Zedong.  When some Chinese hear “Changsha”, they might think of Yuelu Academy, Yuelu Mountain, Stinky Tofu and so on. As an international student, here are three words that can help you remember Changsha forever. Have a guess?

Next, let us show some pictures.


There are Yuelu Mountain and Xiangjiang River. Yuelu Mountain lies in the west bank of Xiang River in Changsha city. Xiangjiang River is the longest river of Hunan, which has two famous islands in the river--the Orange Islandand the Moon Island. If you visited Changsha, you must know them. That’s all of Changsha city? There are only Spectacular Mountain and Marvelous River. It is not enough.


Why does a city attract so many Chinese and foreigners to come here? It’s special education. Whenever we refer to universities in China, most of people will think about Hunan University. It enjoys the title of an "Ancient Millenarian Academy, Famous Centennial University". For thousands of years, it still attracts thousands of students to come, not only in China, but also in the world.


Except the famous Hunan University, here is another university, with Yuelu Mountain to the south and Xiang River to the east, which is Hunan University of Commerce, enjoying convenient transportation and pleasant environment. In addition, it is famous with its majors of economics and management. According to statistical data, employment rate of the graduates keeps above 98.9% in economics and management major. In addition, all courses are taught in English. You don’t need to be worried about the language barrier. After you graduate with bachelor certificate taught in English, you will get direct access into international market, with huge employment prospect.

In a word, which three words might remind you of Changsha? My answer is Spectacular Mountain,Marvelous River and Special Education.What’s your opinion? Leave message and share with us.


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