How Big is Wuhan? After Read it, the world is in silence...

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How Big is Wuhan?

After Read it, the world is in silence...

-  Today we are going to talk about a serious question. How big is Wuhan?

-  Seriously?

- Don't laugh, the answer might be completely beyond your imagination

- In Chinese history, only two cities have named begin with "Big"

  One is Big Shanghai, another is Big Wuhan

Then, How big is it?

Wuhan has an area of 8494 Square kilometers. Some people might not understand this data. So,..

Let me give you some equations:

- Wuhan =11 x New York (789 square kilometers)

- Wuhan =5.3 x London

- Wuhan =80 x Paris

Wow... ...

How’s the population?

-Total population of Wuhan: 10.8 million

The number of countries in the world with

Total population lower than Wuhan

That is… ...More than 150!

The total population of Wuhan City = the whole Greece

(Greece has a population of about 10.64 million)

Wuhan is highly recognized as one of the largest education city in China

You cannot even imagine that

There are 1.3 million university students in Wuhan

One in  every ten people in Wuhan is university student

The China's Most Beautiful University

Wuhan University

The University with the Best Internships

Wuhan University of Technology

The Best Services University

Hubei University of Economics

Wuhan is so big!

The traffic must be convenient!

Now you know how big Wuhan is, right?

If you still not sure about it, watch this sentence:

‘’Wuhan is a place where you are talking about your big dream

No one would feel it's impossible‘’

Is this big enough?

Big Dream, Big Wuhan!

Love  Wuhan,   Love  China!

Wuhan! Let’s go and have a look!


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