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Choosing a suitable university is life time decision for overseas students, so you can take few important principles below as reference:

Firstly, be the early bird:

It is important to collect information, but make sure you can have enough time. Try to start your application procedures at least one month early. To be honest, most preferential policy and scholarship are partly a matter of how early you start to apply.

Secondly, act according to actual circumstances:

Famous Universities, everyone wants it. However, if you couldnt afford the heavy tuition or cannot be admitted, it will be worse than get a university just fit. And finding a suitable university should count on:

?        Your budget

?        Your results

?        Your major

Some of universities are not famous as you can see, but they are the king in its professionals area.

Here are several universities which enjoying a high reputation in particular areas with reasonable tuitions:

?        Study International Economics and Trade at Jilin Normal University

?        Study Nursing at Hangzhou Normal University

?        Study Software Engineering at Neusoft Institute Guangdong

?     Study Electronic Information Engineering at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

?        Study Business Administration at Hunan University Of Commerce

?        Study Clinical MedicineMBBS at Shenyang Medical College

So, choosing what is right for you will be much better than what other people says yes.

Thirdly, prepare more options:

By choosing a few more alternative universities, it will gain a high acceptance rate for you. Its better to have a clear stratagem with a challenge one, a balance one and a guaranteed one.

Do not look at a individual cases, some successful people are just lucky. Applying for a study abroad is a complex process, and it should be analyzed in different ways rather than a single example.

So, prepare more options with a clear stratagem. Take your time and Find a University that Perfect Match You and dont be late.

Here list the universities that still open for apply in the fall of 2017

Notice: most universities’ application deadline is around the end of this month to beginning of next month.

2  Hangzhou Normal University

2  Wuhan University of Technology

2  Tianjin University

2  Jilin Normal University

2  Xidian University

2  Neusoft Institute Guangdong

2  University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

2  Hubei University of Economics

2  Hunan University of Commerce

2  Xiamen University of Technology

2  Changsha University of Science and Technology

2  NingBo University

2  Shanghai Maritime University

2  Zhejiang Normal University

2  Tianjin University of Science and Technology

2  Liaoning Institute of Technology

2  University of Science and Technology Liaoning

2  Shandong Jiaotong University

2  Harbin Institute of Technology

2  Shenyang Aerospace University

2  Shandong University of Science & Technology

2  North China University of Technology

2  Shenyang Medical College

2  Bohai University

2  Liaoning University of Petroleum & Chemical Technology

2  Shenyang University of Chemical Technology

2  Shijiazhuang Tiedao University

2  Shandong Jianzhu University

2  Jilin Medcial University

2  China Pharmaceutical University

2  Wuhan University

2  Huazhong University of Science and Technology

2  Hunan University

2  Central China Normal University

2  Northwest A&F University

2  The University of International Business and Economics

2  Zhengzhou University

2  Beijing Institute of Technology

2  Northwestern Polytechnical University

2  Anhui University of Technology


Finally, good luck everyone

I wish every overseas student can receive the admission letter from the dreamily university.

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