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Notice on Ministry of Education standardizing foreign students’ acceptance work

To all provincial, autonomous regions, municipalities’ ministry of educations (commissions), Education Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Unit and universities


According to the Educational Law of the PRC and The Higher Education Law of the People's Republic of China, in order to maintain China’s justice education environment, now we make the following supplemental provisions for universities recruiting students from China mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao after being emigrated to foreign countries


From 2010 on, Applicants to be studying in China must have valid foreign passport or verification of nationality for over4 years, and they must have been actually living in foreign countries for over 2 years during the latest 4 years.


The Chinese universities should accept the application on the condition that the applicants meet the universities’ application requirements. The Chinese, Hong Kong people, Macanese and Taiwanese emigrants who studied in China and completed their study after their return but haven’t been restored their Chinese citizenship belong to foreign immigrant living in China, if meeting the registration requirements of China university, the emigrants can take part in the entrance exams in registration places appointed by Admission Committee of the provinces or cities where they live with Alien Resident Certificate issued by public security organization

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