Outstanding Chinese educational experts - Tongtao Zheng

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Outstanding Chinese educational experts - Tongtao Zheng

Name:  Tongtao Zheng  
Nationality:  Australia
Ethnic:  Han
Date of Birth:  June, 1955
Occupation:University Professor, Linguist.
Educational Background:Australian State University, University of Canberra
Main Achievements: Developed Australian Army Removal System
Representative works: Theory and Case Study of the Markers of Chinese Discourse, Query on Unitary Statement of Origins of Chinese characters
Degree: Dural Doctorate of Linguistics and Computer Science
Title: Full professor

Work responsibilities
Tongtao Zheng is occupied in Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language education and spreading, International Chinese Language Promotion, Artificial Intelligence, Social Linguistics, Online education of Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language and cross-over study on Computer Science and Linguistics; He takes in charge of the management work in Overseas Education College of Xiamen University and International College of Xiamen University.

Education background and working experience
Tongtao Zheng obtained Master’s degree of Arts in his early years, he was taught by the famous Linguist, Mr. Diancheng Huang. Later on, he obtained master degree at Australian Defense Force Academy, and got doctorate Degree of Linguistics at Australia State University and doctorate degree of Computer Science at University of Canberra, Australia.

For 18 years during his study in Australia, , he was successively the teacher of Australia State University, Singapore State University, University of Canberra, Australia, Australian Defense Force Academy and University of Tasmania, Australia, teaching Chinese Culture and Language, Computer Science and Computer Aided Teaching, he was once the Chinese language teacher of Australian former prime minister and present foreign minister Kevin Rudd.

Tongtao Zheng was engaged in the cross-over research on linguistics and computer science, he designed Army Removal System for Ministry of National Defense of Australia, designed “Paperless Office System” for Australian Defense Force Academy, and designed “Chinese Language Teaching Assist System” and “Online Chinese Language Teaching System” for University of Tasmania, Australia. He had been Tasmania Congress of Australia’s Chinese advisor providing consultations for the Congress and the Upper House and Chinese Education Culture Exchange for 5 year.

Important Publication
Theory and Case Study of the Markers of Chinese Discourse, Xiamen University Press, 2009
Studies on Chinese Culture, Haifeng Press, Fuzhou, 2000
Query on Unitary Statement of Origins of Chinese characters, Singapore, Singapore State University Departmen of Chinese Language, 1993
First Discussion on Econogy of Language, Xiamen University Press, 1985

Major academic achievements
Undertook the development of Australian Army Removal System, Univerity Office Automation System, Australian University’s Online Foreing Language Teaching System and so on. Publised 4 books and over 40 articles. Over 10 of his research papers were included by SCI EI and ISIP.

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