How's Overseas Students Save Transportation Fee in Wuhan


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How to save transportation fee in Wuhan? Beside bus and Metro, it could be the Mobike.? Mobike most locals in China are familiar with this name. Its kind of public bike which you can unlock by your mobile phone to use.?

Now its the third generation mobike already, and it covers major large cities in China, like Wuhan. You can find this orange color bicycle everywhere in the city, and its well-known by its cheap and environment friendly.

I am living in Wuhan, recently my bicycle got lost. Then, I picked up one mobike on the street. I have seen the QR code on the bike, so I started to unlock this mobike by my Wechat(What is a Wechat?)

Its kind of amazing that it just took me 2 mins to unlock it at first time without any experience. Simply scan the OR code on the bike by my Wechat, download Mobike Mobile Software. Dont worry, it has the English version. And follow the introduction to unlock the bike, quite easy.

Now it just take me 10s to unlock one.? I took a screen shot to let you see whats Mobike and WeChat logo looks like, so you might easily download by yourself.

You only have to pay approximately $0.2(1 yuan) for every 30 mins riding. Also, you can easily locate a nearby mobike or book in advance via your phone. To be honest, you can find one in every 3 mins walking distance in Wuhan, so dont worry about it.

Once I arrive coffee shop or a subway station (metro station), I just leave it there with another bikes, and nothing to worry about. No parking fee and no need to worry about stolen.

By the way, the parking fee for bicycle in Wuhan is $0.2(1 yuan) each time, the same with mobike. I use to pay for that parking fee which is kind of waste money, now the mobike is more convenience.

Mobike, not only reducing the carbon emission by over use the vehicle s in China, but also brings environmental awareness to everyone. Green Revolution needs some effective actions, like mobike. 2017, an Orange Revolution is challenging the haze.

Simply download WeChat from App Store by search WeChat. Or you can download WeChat to your laptop by

Use WeChat to scan the QR code in the photo below to learn more about China.

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