Prestigious Majors: the ace of science and technology


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Science and Technology refers to a wide range of majors, such as, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Astronomy, Mathematics, Natural, Scientific and so on.

In fact, Science and Technology is one of important subjects in university education in China.

Today, I will introduce you the best science and technology majors in the greatest China universities.

1.    Harbin Institute of Technology ---- Civil Engineering

2.    Wuhan University of Technology ---- Logistics Management

3.    Tianjin University ---- Environment and Energy

4.    University of Electronic Science and Technology of China ---- Electronic Information Engineering

5.    Hunan University ---- Computer Science and Technology

6.    Xidian University ---- Communication Engineering

7.    Neusoft Institute Guangdong ---- Software Engineering

8.    Changsha University of Science and Technology ---- Mechanical Design Manufacture and Automation

9.    Ningbo University ---- Architecture

10.China University of Geosciences ---- Environmental Engineering

11.Shijiazhuang Tiedao University ---- Civil Engineering

12.Tianjin University of Science and Technology ---- Environmental Engineering

13.North China University of Technology ---- Electronic and Information Engineering

14.University of Science and Technology Liaoning ---- Architecture

15.Shandong Jianzhu University ---- Civil Engineering

16. Shandong Jiaotong University ---- Mechanical Engineering

17.Xiamen University of Technology ---- Vehicle Engineering

18.Liaoning University of Petro Chemical Technology ---- Petroleum Engineering

19.Shenyang Aerospace University ---- Aeronautical Engineering

20.Bohai University ---- Software Engineering

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