Shooting your best moments on campus, prizes await you!

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Campus could be wonderland for all students,

How fancy and exciting it is at the first sight,

How sentimentally attached to it at the last sight,

Memories can be faded when we getting older and older,

But when wiping the dust off the photos,

A precious, colorful and crazy campus life will reappear soon.

We are pleased to announce our first-ever photography contest is gearing up! ! ! Take a picture of one of your favorite place on campus in this September, it’s better to have landmark/logo of your campus in it.

What is your happiest memory? How do you and your friends explore campus? Show us where your new experiences and adventures have taken you!

The winning photographer will be announced on our official website and all social media!

We've selected some typical pictures that meet this subject perfectly.

  •  As sweet as you can

  •  As serious as You can

  •  As crazy as you can

  •  As funny as you can

  •  As creative as you can

Who May Enter?

All students studying in China.

Could be you? him?Or her?

Anyway, we await you!

How it works

1. Take a photo on campus.

2. Send your entries to, along with participants informations.

3. Wait and see if you win!



1st: 300 CNY equivalent gifts (can be exchanged at AT0086 member shop) + Trophy
2nd: 200 CNY equivalent gifts (can be exchanged at AT0086 member shop) + Trophy
3rd: 100 CNY equivalent gifts (can be exchanged at AT0086 member shop) + Trophy

Besides, we will select 5 works and award The Best Creative Award (honorary certificate + LUCKY bag, LUCKY bag containing any gift equal to 50 CNY).

If you have questions regarding the contest, please feel free to contact us:


Tel: +027 87446102

Wechat: 182 7149 0056


Please send the entries by email and attach with following participants information


Contact:Wechat / Email



Title of the work:

Introduction of works:

Read more:

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