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Choosing a university isn’t easy. In China, thereare over 775institutions to pick and all of them offer different experiences, differentsubjects and different courses. Picking between them, with only a vague idea concerning whatit might be like, is really achallenge.

On the other hand, study abroad is a costly investment, even investmentis usually along with returns. While some students has find an cruel fact thatstudents may not obtain solid foundation on theoretical knowledge, neitherexcel at practical skill, even the paper diploma they’ve obtained cannot helpthem find a better job in future career. These disappointed fact direct to onequestion: How do I make myself been educated and achieved?

We could take LSHU (Liaoning Shihua University) as an example, to see whythis university attracting so many international students, how the universityassist international students in been educated and achieved?

Provide featuredprogram

1) Petroleumengineering in English taught

LSHU, it is well known as the first oil industry school in newly foundedPRC. It focuses petroleum and petrochemical industry and has maintained stabledevelopment for more than 60 years. For this profession, university is equippedwith 2 national-level engineering practice education centers, 4provincial-level engineering practice education centers. It is one of the handfulfamous institutions that has a profound teaching history and offers Englishteaching in petroleum engineering.

2)Miningengineering-taught in English

Mining Engineering College provide"comprehensive mechanized mining", "modern mine productionsimulation", "Comprehensive Mining Training", "smart gasexplosion demonstration", "mine ventilation system computersimulation", "Mine Electric", and other mining, construction,transportation simulation laboratory in a total of 36. Total equipment value of23 million yuan, experiment, training room area of over 5,000 square meters. Theexisting experiments and training equipment, is fully able to meet theundergraduate students experiment, training teaching needs. Except for the on-campussimulation equipment, the college has also set up off-campus internship basesin enterprises such as "Hunchun Mining Group Corporation","Shenyang Coal Mining Group Corporation", "Tieshang Coal Mining(Group) Company" and "Fushun Mining Group Company"

Backed up by excellentteaching team

The school has a high level team ofteacher, there are 1564 staff totally,956 of them is full-time. Among the full-time teachers, thereare 492 holding master's degree, 368holding doctoral degree. Two academicians serve for the Chinese Academy ofSciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 13professors enjoy the State Council special allowance. Meanwhile, university has4 provincial innovation teaching team. Such high level teaching standard hascultivated numerous excellent undergraduates for large enterprises.

Various Internshipchances

LSHU provided internship and jobopportunity to international students.

During the study period, studentswill be arranged at local enterprises and factories, to do internship. Aftergraduation, excellent undergraduates will be recommended to those enterprisesfor further career. Such sort of thing that kick-starts a career.

Above is just one glance at LSHU,but has drawn a clear mind map to all international students,that’s it: Featured program and excellent teaching team makes students learnwell, on-campus and off-campus practice training makes students have a goodcommend of skills, when approaching to graduation, internship and jobopportunity provided by university will kick start a brightful career forgraduates.

That’s what we learned from LSHU.

Editor will keep updating, here issome periodicals about famous alumni in LSHU, please check more here: Liaoning Shihua University.


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