US Kettering University Delegation Visiting WUT


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Recently, WUT Vice President Chen Wen welcomed the delegation from Kettering University of America.



Vice President Chen Wen welcomed the delegation and remarked that since the establishment of a cooperative relationship between the two universities in 2010, the two sides have maintained a good mechanism for exchanges and cooperation, providing new opportunities for both students to exchange and study, and also expecting the further strengthening in communication and collaboration and the establishment of a multi-channel and all-round cooperation model.

Professor James, Executive Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the University of Kettering, expressed gratitude for the warm reception and expected that this visit will strengthen the cooperation between the two universities in the teaching and research of the automotive industry, further expand the field of cooperation, and strengthen the communication between students and faculty from both sides in the fields of materials and management.


In the meeting, the two universities renewed relevant cooperation agreement and carried out in-depth discussion on the details of further exchanges and cooperation.

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