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Xidian University is a well famous university in China. The name “Dian” means Electronic in Chinese. Xidian is specialized with Computer Science. Moreover, the faculty of Computer&Science and Technology was established in 1958 which brings Xidian’s Computer Science the first place.

Furthermore, many famous Chinese people are graduated from this university, such as, Liu chuanzhi-CEO of Lenovo Group, Li mofang-chief engineering of China Mobile, etc. Xidian University cooperated China Electronics Importand Export Corporation(CEIEC)created "XD - CLP Students Union Training Base", Which has already contributed more than 130 senior international professionals in electronic field in the last few years.


In addition, located in Xi'an where is an ancient China city with one of the World's Eight Wonders-Terracotta Army, Xidian is not only an excellent university for study but also a magnificent place to enjoy its spectacular view.


Moreover, recent years, with the increasing demand of technical employees, Xidian University has covers the whole process of this kind of recruitment to design the new processing for overseas students. It turns out to be a personnel training model which makes students easy to find a suitable job in this area.


XIDIAN Computer Science and TechnologyExcellent Choice for Extraordinary You!

AT0086: http://www.at0086.com/XidianUniversity/Courseview.aspx?pid=600479

CISS: http://xidian.ciss.org.cn/Courses_Detail/6476

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