Transportation Guide of Capital International Airport


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When you get off the plane and come into the big city-Beijing, you will feel confused about the complicated transportation. So, you need a guide to ensure you a good journey.
Airport limousine
1. Airport limousine lines in the city
1st Line: Capital International Airport---Fangzhuang
Bus Stop: Liangma Bridge, Baijiazhuang, Dabeiyao, Panjiayuan, Shilihe(Jingrui Mansion), Fangzhuang(Guiyou Mansion)
2nd Line: Capital International Airport---Xidan
Bus Stop: Sanyuan Bridge, Dongzhimen, Dongsishi Bridge, Xidan(Civil Aviation Mansion)
3rd Line: Capital International Airport---Beijing Stop
Bus Stop: Yuyang Restaurant, Dongda Bridge (non-stop after 22:30), Chaoyangmen, Yabao Road, Beijing Stop
4th Line: Capital International Airport---Gongzhufen
Bus Stop: International Display Center, Xibahe, Anzhen Bridge, Madian Bridge, Beitaipingzhuang, Jimen Bridge, Youyi Hotel, Beijing TV, Zizhu Bridge, Hangtian Bridge, Gongzhufen(Xinxing Hotel)
5th Line: Capital International Airport---zhongguancun
Bus Stop: Xiaoying, Asian Games Village (Anhui Bridge), College Bridge, Zhongguancun(No.4 Bridge)
6th Line: Capital International Airport---Wangjing
Bus Stop: Western part of Wangjing Garden, Xikou of Wangjing Street, Beikou of Guangshun Street, Wangjing
7th Line: Capital International Airport---Beijing west Railway Station
Bus Stop: Chaoyang Garden Bridge, Beilu of Tonghuihe, Huangqumen, Ciqikou, Zhushikou, Caishikou, Guanganmen, Zhongyan Restaurant (South Square of Beijing west Railway Station)
8th Line: Capital International Airport---Shangdi
   Bus Stop: East Provence, Wangdu Garden, Tiantongyuanbei, Tiantongyuanxi, Huilongguandong Street, Huilongguanxi Street, Huilongguan, Shangdi
2. Capital International Airport---Tianjin
Time Table: 7:00---23:00 every 45 minutes a bus
Price: RMB 70
3. Capital International Airport---Qingwang Island
Time Table: 9:00---20:00 every 2 hours a bus
Price: RMB 126
Capital International Airport---Dongzhimen MRT Station (the nearest MRT Station)
The 2 line of Airport limousine:Capital International Airport, Dongzhimen
Capital International Airport---Beijing Stop (the nearest Railway Station)
The 3rd line of Airport limousine:Capital International Airport, Beijing Stop (the final stop)

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