Five Most Amazing Bathing Beaches in China


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On hot summer days, nothing could be cosier than having a splendid bathing in the sea. You just Immerse in the clean and cool sea water while enjoy the beautiful sceneries around, feeling like in a paradise. The following five bathing beaches will provide you with the same feeling.
Situated in the same latitudes as Hawaii of the tropical monsoon area, Yalong Bay is the premier destination for fun in the sun in Sanya with features of undulating green hills, calm, Clear sea and soft, unsullied sandy beach, endowed with pleasant climate in all seasons. It provides you with an irresistible combination of a world-class beach, matchless swimming and diving, international resorts and superb golf facilities in one extraordinary package.
Dadonghai Beach is one of Sanya's cleanest beaches. It's a nice stretch of white sand meeting blue water as well as a top destination for underwater sightseeing, seawater bath and sunbath. Bathing in the warm sunshine and felling the soft sea wind, you can enjoy yourself to the most just as you are part of the nature.
As one of the best bathing quality beaches in China, Weihai International Bathing Beach is a natural beach with distinguishable four seasons in Weihai Tour. This perfect summer resort is surrounded by two mountains in the west and the east. Traveling on the beach dotted with various grasses, flowers, stone inscriptions as well as decorated tents. You seem to be ushered in a splendid picture in which you can enjoy at the same time grotesque mountains, gigantic sea water and exuberant forests.
The No. 1 bathing beach known for its slightly inclining stretches of fine-sand slopes and calm waters, is among the best of all bathing beaches in Qingdao. Because of the water waves' unrelenting work on the rocks around the bay, the rocks were reduced to fine sands. Surrounded on three sides by mountains, the beach is like the pearl of Huiquan Bay. You can sunbathe here and swim near the coast, relaxing by playing volleyball or running on the sand and even dining on the beach.
Golden sunshine, blue seawater, yellow beach and green coconut trees constitute a great picture of the seashore. On the Holiday Beach, you can enjoy swimming, sail-boarding, kayaking, or just lazing on the beach. Just whatever takes your fancy.

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