Ten Beautiful Sceneries in Five Eastern cities in China

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The five eastern cities in China include Wuxi, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, and Shanghai. They are famous tourist cities for their amazing scenery and modern civilization. Meanwhile, their own unique scenic spots become the attractions to tourists. Let me show them to you!
Turtle Head Peninsula
If you come to Wuxi, then you must travel to Lake Taihu and Turtle Head Peninsula. Located in the northwest shore of Lake Taihu, Turtle Head Peninsula gets its name because of its huge rocks projecting into the lake, appearing as if a swimming turtle tossing its head. It is endowed by nature, with green hills and clear water. The essence of Lake Taihu lies in it. Therefore, it is granted the name of “the first one scenic spot of Taihu”.
Located in the shore of Lake Lihu, Liyuan Park is one of main scenic spots of Lake Taihu. This park is surrounded by water in three directions. In the park, you can see a great many green trees at a far sight and hear the water hitting rocks at a near distant. At the south bank, the peach trees blossom and the willows flourish. The long promenade is built above the water and when you walk on it, you will appreciate different scenery at different angles. The green rockery is built at a unique shape with many twists and turns.
The temple is a site where people could make sacrifices to Confucius, arguably China’s most celebrated ideologist and educator. A cluster of symmetrically arranged buildings has existed for a long time. As the Qinling attraction of old city Jinling, Confucius Templehas been world-renowed.
It is the tomb of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, who was the great pioneer of Chinese Democratic Revolution. It is located in the south of Xiaomao, Dongfeng Hill of Zhongshan Mountain, Eastern Nanjing Jiangsu, with its west to Mingxiao Tomb, east to Linggu Temple. The whole buildings were built on the hill and appear very magnificent and dignified.
The Humble Administrator’s Garden is the representative of Jiangnan Gardens and also the largest classical landscape garden in Suzhou. The whole garden is divided into four parts, the eastern, central and western gardens and garden museum. The central part is the essence of the Humble Administrator’s Garden, with water accounting for one third area. Near the water set up many buildings with different styles and shapes.
Tiger Hill
Tiger Hill is located in the Tiger Hill National Park, the Northwest part of old city, Suzhou. With a history of more than 2,500 years, the Tiger Hill has been known as No. 1 Sight of Suzhou. With a history going back more than 1,000 years, the simple, archaic and imposing Yunyan Temple Pagoda, also known as the Second Leaning Tower on earth, stands aloft at the top of the hill, serving as a symbol of ancient Suzhou for years.
Located in the western part of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, West Lake is world-renowned for its beautiful landscape and a great number of scenic spots. It is usually called the paradise on the earth. Whenever you come, you will have a special and absolutely different experience.
The Thousand-Island Lake has very charming landscape, with many islands of different shapes scattered on the lake. These islands divide the lake into many pieces, making the whole spot like a maze. It is called "thousand islands floating in a picture” due to green mountain, clear water, and grotesque holes and stones.
It is located on the Beach of Huangpu River in the central part of Shanghai city. It is a must place for tourists. The river, long beach, green belt and splendid buildings on the Bund consist of the most specific landscape of Shanghai.
Due to its 468 meters height, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower becomes the highest tower in Asia and the fourth highest in the world. It provides a complete set of services, including sightseeing, shopping, entertainment, river touring, conference exhibition, historical display and travel agency and so on. Therefore, it has become a symbol and one of populous tourist spots of Shanghai.

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