Top 3 Shooting Locations in China Favored by Hollywood Directors


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Beijing’s long history, Shanghai’s modern civilization and Guangxi’s natural charming are the best reasons for Hollywood directors choosing these three places as the shooting locations for their films.
As the capital of China, Beijing has a long history of thousands of years and has a great number of historical and cultural relics. So it is a representative of Chinese mysterious culture for foreigners.
"Kill Bill"  
Director:  Quentin Tarantino
Quentin Tarantino always shows special preference to China and Chinese culture. He is one of the first directors choosing China as the shooting location. The setting of Kill Bill was in Beijing. The producer Lawrence Bender said that the period of shooting film in Beijing was his happiest time.
"The Painted Veil"
Director: John Curran
This film was shot in Beijing and Guilin. The director, scenarist and actors are all from Hollywood, while the film setting was China in 1920s to 1930s. 
Shanghai is one of cities that opened up earlier to the outside world, so some concepts in Shanghai are closer to western countries in terms of cultural identity.  
"The White Countess"
Director: James Ivory
The setting of The White Countess is the Shanghai City in 1930s. It was filmed in 2005 and the shooting location was Shanghai. It has been released in December 2006.
"Shanghai Red"
Director: Oscar L. Costo
This is a film under the cooperation of China and America and it was filmed totally in Shanghai. It depicted a Shanghai woman’s whole life.
Compared with Beijing and Shanghai, the great strength of Guangxi lies in its natural beauties. Here have the most fantastic sights that directors have dreamed of.   
"Star Wars Episode III"
Director: George Lucas
The film setting was in Guilin Guangxi Province, and the distinct Karst landforms were first shot into a western film. George Lucas has always been interested in Chinese mountain and water and dreamed to put Chinese natural beauties into his film. He thought that the landscapes of Guilin have a sense of mystery.  
"Dying is as Natural as Living"  
Director: Yuankui
This is the first film shot wholly in China for Hollywood. A large number of settings were in Guilin model of national culture. All the staff were struck with admiration to the so magnificent shooting scene.

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