Top Six Busiest Cities in China


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In order to make your travel more convenient in China, here we will introduce the top six busiest cities for you to consider your travel routes.
Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, if you don’t want to work, then you cannot survive in this competitive society. Here, every one has the concept of investment and numerous actors give up their love and rest due to their busy work. Wage-earners often do several part-time jobs and charge themselves by constant study. The sales volume of newspapers is often the top.
Fast-food Restaurant: Hong Kong has the most fast-food restaurants in China and the advertisement is broadcasted all year around.
Walking Speed: Hong Kong is absolutely deserved the slogan of “City of Life”. When the green light is on, there are always numerous pedestrians waiting on both sides of crossroads.
Rest Time: Overtime work is very common for Hong Kong people. The subway carries more than 2.3 million people from 6 to 1 o’clock every day. And the night entertainment venues are often full of people.
Shopping: It ranks second in Asia for its administrative efficiency. From Monday to Friday, there are few people going shopping.
Telephone Use: Hong Kong people can talk about their business in any time and any place. 
Shenzhen has a high level of consumption and most Shenzhen people try to be the boss of themselves. Due to the consumption, people are often very busy to earn money.
Fast-food Restaurant: A great number of fast-food restaurants provide take-away food and nearly every office building order this kind of food.
Walking Speed: Shenzhen people are usually proud of fast walking speed. At present, the streets are so crowd that people have to be tolerant of the slow speed.
Rest Time: The evening entertainments are so colorful that many people spend most night time on it. Therefore, it is a city lack of rest.
Shopping: Due to numerous kinds of jobs, there are many people seen on the street.
It has great employment pressure. The wage-earners have strong stress so that they have to constantly learn new things and skills. Tourism becomes the only way to relax themselves.
Fast-food Restaurant: There are many fast-food restaurants but the ordinary restaurants and night fairs are also full of people.
Walking Speed: In general, the walking speed is fast. According to a research, every minute there are 60 to 80 people passing a ticket gate.
Shopping: Taipei people enjoy the feeling of shopping.
Telephone Use: The telephone is 24 hours on, which is very important for social intercourse.
Guangzhou provides more jobs for people. People feel free for every one is very busy and has no time to care for your privacy; people feel distraught for job and traffic jam.
Fast-food Restaurant: Many fast-food restaurants are built here. There are two extremes in community support services. One is for ordinary people, and the other is for white-collars.
Walking Speed: It has a very slow walking speed for there is not enough room for walking. People always take taxi or subway.
Rest Time: People usually fall asleep last and get up late.
Shopping: Fixed groups of people go shopping, including students, people working at home and people who have no work.
Telephone Use: Telephone is mostly used for work and appointments.
As an international metropolis, it attracts people at home and abroad. They are active to invest and also pursue for luxuries, while the too high housing price is indeed daunting for them.
Fast-food Restaurant: The numbers of fast-food restaurants keep pace closely to that of convenience stores.
Walking Speed: It is very fast. There is nearly no idlers, and only tourists can be seen on the street.
Rest Time: Work is the priority.
Shopping: Pudong area is called the workshop of the city, so there is few people to go shopping there, while on Nanjing road, maybe only a heavy rain can empty here.
Telephone Uuse: It is often used for work and appointments.
The first ranking in attracting foreign investment is the biggest temptation for migrant workers. Its economic status can be compared with Shenzhen and Dongwan of Guangdong. Besides, the tourism industry is also its great strength. Working is the reason for the development.  
Fast-food Restaurant: There are numerous fast-food restaurants, but are less than cafeteria in factories.
Walking Speed: It is said that Suzhou is like on the wheel. Everything is measured by the speed.
Rest Time: Rest on time is for the purpose of working better and most efficient.
Shopping: In the street, most people are tourists. The local people are not willing to spend so much time on shopping.

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