6 Museums with Most Distinctive Collections

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In some ways, we understand past and present of a place from the beginning of the museum. The museum is a place that witnessed the development of the history. Combining the heritage we found with history, we can know what the ancient men did that time. Here are the eight unique museums equipping with own feature. They are the resort where you can experience Chinese history and culture.
The museum building, the facilities of Shaanxi History Museum and the exhibits on display all are high level. It is the China’s top museum. There are more than 37 pieces of precious cultural relics found in Shaanxi, including bronze ware, pottery figurines, gold and silver, and most of them are sophisticated treasures.
National Museum of China is a comprehensive museum that mainly based on the history and art, and displays a long cultural history of the Chinese nation. It comprehensively collects the precious relics that can reflect the history in ancient, modern and contemporary China. The museum engaged in the activities such as archeology, collections, research and display. The China's top cultural relics which it displays you can often see in the book.
Liaoning Provincial Museum is a history and art museum. The collection of the museum mainly base on historical relics and ancient art. The collections mainly include paintings, printmaking, bronze, pottery, bone, lacquer, sculpture, cloisonné, costumes, archaeological information, currency, monument, ancient maps, minority cultural relics, revolutionary relics, furniture and miscellaneous category. Some of them are the world arts and important archaeological information.
Tibet Museum
Tibet Museum has rich treasures, such as various types of prehistoric cultural relics, historical artifacts, the Buddha of Tibetan books which have a variety of texture and shape and the handicrafts which have the distinctive ethnic characteristics. In addition, there are two specialized exhibition hall about natural resources of northern Tibet and porcelain of the Ming and Qing Dynasty.
China Rosewood Museum is the world's first largest, richest collections and the highest grade rosewood carved Museum of Art. The museum not only displays on the theme that base on the National Palace Museum, but also the Chinese ancient architectures that model on the domestic famous buildings, such as Beijing courtyard, Shanxi Feiyun Floor and Wutaishan Longquan Temple Mount gates etc..
Zigong Dinosaur Museum is the sole museum where the dinosaur fossils buried in. There are hundreds of dinosaurs and fossils forming a complete "dinosaur fauna". It not only includes the terrestrial animal, aquatic animal and amphibians, but also the vertebrate paleontology that can fly in the sky. The most valuable is Jurassic dragon sword and the pterosaur which were first discovered in the world.

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