International students at Zhejiang Normal University Are Participating in the 2nd Cohort of Home-Stay in Jinhua's Historical villages

November 27,2015|

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Who is the happiest? Have you ever thought about it? Guess. This is the only question which the Mayor of JINHUA CITY inChina's ZHEJIANG PROVINCE asked everyone at the inauguration of the 'Home Stay in Jinhua Historical  Village' program.


On this occasion, several senior delegates of Shanghai situated embassies ofAmerica,India,Germany,Laos,Italyand many more countries were also a part of the event. Around 40 participants from various countries, includingIndia, are participating in the event.


During their 21 days stay, participants will get to understand Chinese art, culture, food and value system very closely. For this Jinhua's Mayor had invited the applications several months back and depending on that the candidates were selected and given a chance to visitChina.


The aim of this program is to promote tourism in historical Chinese villages by providing all the necessary facilities that can make one feels at home even when away from it. What's interesting is the fact that the village has all modern facilities, along with the Wi-Fi.


The participants are divided in six groups and are made to stay in the houses of the local villagers, where the head of the family is taking care of their safety like guest. The main purpose of this activity is to make villagers meet different people from around the globe.


The whole program is being organised and executed by the officers of Jinhua government, Professor Dr. Christoph Schubert of the Zhejiang University, along with his efficient team and talented students of the Zhejiang Normal  University.


Speaking his mind about the latest initiative, Jinhua's Mayor said that the villagers are the happiest right now and I would request the people around the world to come and visit this beautiful village once to know this place better.


Mr. Naveen Kumar, special officer of the Indian embassy in Shanghai, was full of praise for the project. Appreciating the 'Home Stay in Jinhua Historical  Village' program, American and German participant said that these kind of efforts are commendable and other countries should also learn from it.


Program Coordinator Pro Christoph said that this is an incredible project and in the coming days people from different countries will be joining it. Also, around 20 thousand local Chinese nationals have visited the village ever since the program was launched. The main aim of this project is to boost tourism in the village. Other side According to research Jinhua is top 10 most livable cities in china, include eco-environment, health index, living convenience, living comfort, economic development, social civilization degree and city reputation, etc. It is under the GN China’s Livable Cities Evaluation Index System, covering 34 provinces, 289 cities inChina. Cities that earn seats on the list usually feature a beautiful natural environment, a safe society, a progressive civilization, a comfortable living atmosphere, a balanced/harmonious economy and a good city reputation.


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