8 Most Beautiful Natural Reserves in China

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A natural reserve, just as the name implies, shows its beauty by simply “naturalness”. China’s natural reserves, which keep away from human pollution, are real pure and natural land purifying your soul.
Mt.Qomolangma Natural Reserve concludes Mt.Qomolangma, the highest mountain in the world, and four other mountains with the height more than 8,000 meters. It lies in the junction of Himalayan and Tibet, the most special place in the world’s bio-geographical regions. There are so many types of ecological systems which are not disturbed by human beings, and many rare and endangered species in the reserve.
Located in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Hoh Xil is one of the most perfect regions for reserving the original ecological environment and the richest reserves in wild animal resources in the world. Hoh Xil is called "forbidden zone to life” due to its harsh weather conditions in which human beings cannot live permanently. While it creates a perfect environment for wild animal in plateau, so it becomes the paradise for wild animals.
Because of thick primeval forest and complicated climate, it becomes the best place for animals and plants and also the shelter for many kinds of endangered species. The complicated terrains, rich rainfalls and big relative temperature difference make the reserve full of mystery and more attractive to tourists.
Located in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Sanjiangyuan Natural Reserve is the originals of Yangtze River, Yellow River and Lancang River. With an area of 150,000 square kilometers, it plays an important role in protecting wetland ecosystem of plateau. There are many snow mountains and lakes scattered in the reserve, which form various species and landscapes.
Qiangtang Natural Reserve is a national nature reserve, approved by State Council on April 2004. It is the second biggest nature reserve in the country. It aims to protect the well-reserved and unique alpine ecosystem and many kinds of large-scale ungulate animals. There are rich resources of aquatic and many animal species but few kinds of plants. Therefore, it can be considered as a natural park for wild animals.
Wolong Natural Reserve is the earliest and largest reserve in China. It is a comprehensive reserve to protect both pandas and Mountain forest ecosystems. It is characterized by unique and complicated Geographical conditions, beautiful and varied landscape, comfortable weather conditions and strong Tibetan and Qiang cultures.
Altyn Tagh Natural Reserve is surrounded by Snow Mountains. In the reserve, the highest mountain is Ata Peak, with the height of 6,973 meters. It is the miracle to see modern glaciers, plateau lakes, desert and so many kinds of rare birds and animals and wild plants here. The Karst topography and glacial landforms combine with each other perfectly, making this land more mysterious and beautiful.
It is the most densely-populated, well-reserved and representative reserve for the original Populus in the world. It aims to protect the Populus ecosystem at the river bank and rare animal resources. Located on the Northern part of Taklimakan Desert, the reserve is characterized by temperate continental plain area desert climate. Its beautiful Populus landscape and unique desert environment deeply attract people all over the world.

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