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When traveling in Qinghai, you should not miss the chance to go shopping, for there are many unique things which cannot found in other places. They have not only use value, view and admire value, but also have equally collect value. You will be sure to enjoy your shopping in Qinghai.
Kunlun Jade
The other name of Kunlun Jade is Qinghai Jade. It was found in Yuxu Peak of Kunlun Mountain, with an elevation of 4,100 meters. To put a Kunlun jade in house can bless and protect people. Most of time they are pale green, but when they come across water, they will turn into emerald green like gems. After the sun dries them, they will turn back to the original color. Besides, it can protect shops and factories, bringing good luck to the people.
Kunlun jade is famous for its close texture, high transparency, elegancy and smoothness. Especially the white and green Kunlun jade is a rarity. The undefeated quality will be for your good taste.
Apart from the incomparable value of Kunlun jade, it was also used in making the medals of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. This event made Kunlun jade more valuable in the jewelry market, with its price 300%-500% growth in recent four years. Therefore, it is absolutely worth of money and has great collect value.
Huzhu Embroidery
Embroidery is a very beautiful and important decoration in the dresses and houses and it indicates a life interest of a nation. What’s more, it’s an important part of Chinese culture.
Huzhu is very famous for its local embroidery art. They are pleasing to eyes, and durable. People often make embroidery in their dresses. There are 3 types of embroidery, Panxiu, Laxiu and Tuixiu. Duixiu is a combination of embroidery and relief sculpture. It is developed from the art of embroidery. First, portrait of Buddha is painted on the base-cloth, then pieces of different cloth are fixed on the base cloth, also some part is stuffed, giving an impression of relief sculpture. Main contents of the embroidery images include flowers, birds, rare stones and animals. They are all vivid, natural and bright and have high collect values.
Tibetan Blanket in Qinghai
Qinghai Tibetan Blanket is made of Xining wool, produced only in Qinghai Province. The Xining wool is famous for its rich elasticity and toughness. Therefore, the Tibetan blanket is very smooth and durable. Besides, it is full of national characters, indicating the unique life interest of the people. What’s more, it can keep warm for people in frozen areas.
On the basis of traditional Tibetan art, Qinghai Tibetan Blanket combines the art essence of Han, India and Nepal nationalities. Thus, a unique crafts is shown to the public. In terms of quality and art, Qinghai Tibetan Blanket is characterized by four aspects: firstly, the contents are very rich and show distinct national style; secondly, it is made of tested and verified materials and indicates a good workmanship; thirdly, it is like brocade after washed and like relief sculpture after cutting; fourthly, it can be designed according to the needs of customers. All of the characters make Qinghai Tibetan Blanket welcomed by the customers at home and abroad.
Dongchongxiacao Herb
It is also called Chuncao, Dongchuncao. This kind of herb grows at 3,800-5,000 meters elevation and is considered as having high healing effect and nutritional value. It can be comparable with natural ginseng and Velvet antler and enjoys good reputation among all the tonics. Qinghai Province yields the highest production of Chuncao.
Modern science has discovered many magical effect of it. All in all, it is not only good for organs of humans, but also has some direct resistance functions. First, adjust the immune system. Second, function as antineoplastic drugs. Third, improve cell energy and resist fatigue. Fourth, modulate cardiac function. Five, adjust the liver function. Six, adjust the respiratory function. Seven, adjust the renal function. Eight, adjust the haematopoietic function. Nine, adjust the blood lipoids. In modern society, it is a guarantee for good health and what’s more, it will be bound to raise the quality of life.

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